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Road trip to New England

We are going to road trip from DC to Maine and back. We'd like to try a mix of restaurants - local diners, mid-price joints, fine dining. Will be going up the i95 but willing to take detours/side tracks if it gets us some good grub. Any recommendations?

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  1. You'll only get replies in the DC/Baltimore area on this board. Not sure if you'll be hungry within 45 minutes of starting out.

    1. Stop in NY for lunch, Boston for dinner, then eat in Maine while you're there. Pepe's pizza in New Haven/Hartford would be a worthwhile detour.

      1. If you stop in Kittery ME for the outlets, Bob's is famous for its Fried Clams and Lobster Rolls......a bit further up, get off on Rte 1 before the Maine tolls and head to Flo's in York ME for great dogs......not much of a detour.

        Lot of good places in CT just off the 95 on the old post road/Rte 1....search here

        You decide to go up 84 way, the Blue Colony Diner at Exit 10 in the now famous town of Sandy Hook has always been a fav....easy on/off

        1. If you end up on the Mass Pike (I 90), get off at the Sturbridge, MA exit, and go to B.T.'s for the best bbq you'll ever have.

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            If you take 95 to Boston, you will need to backtrack to the Mass Pike, exit 9, Sturbridge. If you use 84 through Connecticut, it hits the pike at Sturbridge, so it's an easy off/on.

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              I would highly recommend taking 84 vs. 95 through CT.

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                95 is not Big Fun through CT.

          2. I see BT's has already been recommended....go there!!!

            Up in Acadia there is a popover place...Jordan Pond House. Supposed to be amazing.

            LA Burdick for chocolates...a few in Boston and one in Walpole NH

            Republic in Manchester NH for local, organic items. Was a semi finalist last year for a Beard award.

            Pickity Place in Mason NH....reservations needed.

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              While Burdicks does have good chocolates and very good gourmet hot chocolate, I wouldn't recommend stopping there while on a road trip because the amount of time you'll spend on the detour isn't worth it.

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                Garrison Confections in Central Falls RI has a factory store that is not open often, but would be an easy hop from 95. They might be willing to let you in at other times too. Definitely worth a call at least.

            2. Just north of Hartford CT eat at Rein's Deli. Real NYC style deli. Get bagels, cheesecake and pickles to go!

              I never miss it when going that way.


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                why would they do that when they are driving past NY?

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                  Why would they go into NYC and all that traffic when they could cross the Tappen Zee and take 84 across Connecticut? Now I imagine there are delis in NJ where they could stop and I know there is one right on the other side of the Tappen Zee. If anyone can recommend any of those, I am sure that we all will be pleased.

              2. I make this trip every year. And every year I make the detour to New Haven for pizza at Frank Pepe's. It is a bit of a detour. But in my mind, well worth it. We still take the TPZ bridge and have recently learned to take the Merritt Parkway to avoid 95 on that stretch.

                We've also recently incorporated a stop at R & R taqueria just off 95 in Elkridge, MD.

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                  Tell me more about the taqueria. I'm from Elkridge originally ( well, CT originally) and haven't been back for Mexican other than te Mexican cafe in Annapolis.

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                    R&R: It's in the Shell station just East of 95 (first light). It's been a while since I've been, but I used to go weekly. I can't remember anything bad, and I tried much of the menu. Good soups. Not much space to eat. But definitely good and RIGHT off the highway.

                    Same exit but in the opposite direction is Lily's Mexican Market (6476 Dobbin Center Way, Columbia, MD 21045). They make their own tortilla's just behind the counter and usually have a number of dishes to choose from (seemed that these would vary by the day). Lily's does have more seating, but it's a counter inside a market.

                    Then of course you could really treat yourself and hit Grace Garden in Odenton!

                2. Stay on 95 through CT! There is so much good food in RI. I agree 95 in CT sucks. LOL

                  1. These are all great suggestions. Thanks for the help. Can't wait to get on the road...to eat!

                    1. Another suggestion, if you decide to avoid the NYC area by taking I-84, is Sal e Pepe in Newtown (on S. Main St). Their marinara is out of this world delicious (it's the owner's mom's recipe he says & I believe it 'cause it tastes just like the marinaras made by all the Italian-American cooks whose great food I enjoyed while growing up in the northeast). The fried calamari is divine.

                      1. Tough to know which thread to post this on, but hopefully this will help some people...I just jumped off of 95S at exit 2 in CT to check out Batali and Bastianich's Tarry Market and Cafe. EASY to get to, and Port Chester basically sits a mile in between routes 95 and 287, so as I headed back to NJ, I came off of 95, then cut over to 287 to continue my trip home.

                        Since I was headed home, I picked up some prepared foods, then I had a delicious crimini/portobella/fontina/arugula panini and yummy (albeit a tad salty) broccoli rabe soup, followed by pumpkin gelato. When in Rome, after all... :-)

                        Nice spot, easy to park, shop, and grab lunch in under an hour!