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Feb 17, 2013 04:57 PM

Dive bars in Long Branch

Hey all, meeting some friends next weekend for the Polar Plunge and we're in search of a neighborhood "shot-and-a-beer" joint. Pier Village looks a little too upscale for us with the possible exception of McLoone's, or maybe the Celtic Cottage a shuttle ride away. Anyone have the rundown on these two places or any other suggestions? Parking info would be a help too - it looks like it could be a little dicey. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Jack's is the place for you! 148 Brighton Ave. good neighborhood type bar solid college following.

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      +1 on Jack's! Not only a great local and Monmouth U hangout, but also the best wings maybe in all NJ.

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        Another vote for Jack's! Celtic would be my second choice.

    2. Although not a bar, If you want some cheap fast food Windmill in long branch has a liquor license. This is the northern location. The one that is actually the windmill does not have a license.

      I fell through ice when I was younger playing hockey. Lets just say that was the last of my encounters with any cold water ; )

      1. I have done some plunges and I have a lifetime of paddlin' out into the Atlantic this time of year. I would note first that alcohol lowers the body's temperature thereby increasing the risk of getting into cold water. Nonetheless, unless you get drunk enough to accept a bet that you can't swim a mile or "let's see who can stay in the longest", you unlikely to get hypothermia because of a couple of pops before you dive in.

        Personally, if I were going to find a spot to work up some courage in Long Branch, I would absolutely go with the Celtic Cottage. It's cheap and feels like it was formerly owned by a member of the Baggins family. Moreover, if in my doling out unsolicited advice I have wrongly assumed the order of your day, I could see the CC to be a fun place to warm up with buddies while still kinda wet. The truth is that booze after is probably good for you (e.g.


        At bottom though - good luck, good time, good deed!

        1. Brighton Bar. It's my favorite dive bar in the neighborhood. The only time I don't love it is during football season when the Vikings are playing. There is a long-standing tradition of the embedded Vikings fans (and this is a swell group of people) of buying shots of blackberry liqueur for the crowd when the Vikings score a TD.

          McLoone's would be a mistake.

          Parking on the street is easy, at least in February. I love the place.

          121 Brighton Ave, Long Branch

          1. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. Wouldn't surprise me if we try 'em all post-plunge!