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Feb 17, 2013 04:38 PM

Misery Loves Company - Winooski/Burlington VT

I have to take a moment to strongly recommend this relatively new gem in the Burlington VT area. Misery Loves Company has had a food truck with a religious following for a few years, but now has a brick and mortar location in Winooski. Hard to do a better job than this review in Seven Days (weekly local newspaper):


For myself, I have been for supper a few times, ashamed to say I have not been for lunch yet. The fried chicken is a must....comes with three sides, easily feeds two people. Best idea is to come with at least 3-4 people to be able to sample a few small plates and one 'meat+3' (did I mention the fried chicken?). Menu changes constantly, extremely creative. The owners and staff are chock full of hard working young people trying to make something wonderful, you just have to love it.

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  1. Great place, I concur. Went there Saturday night for supper and had a fine experience. The smoked meat poutine was reeeeeally good and decadent. The snapper collar was a little light on the fish and heavy on the cilantro, but still mighty tasty. Great sausage and lentils; I asked and the sausages are indeed made in-house. The lemon curd doughnuts are everything you could want in a donut.