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Feb 17, 2013 04:24 PM

Tulsa, OK Restaurants

I'll be traveling with 6 others in Tulsa. What do you recommend for restaurants?

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  1. I'll just warn you right now that the culinary landscape in Tulsa is well...........there is no culinary landscape. The town is basically chain central. However, unlike here in the Twin Cities, Tulsa has quite a few independent fast-food places that are worth checking out.

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      Thank you! I was afraid of that. You've saved me time trying to find the diamonds in the rough - I'll track down those independents, though.

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        Jeff you haven't been to Tulsa lately, have you?

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          Sometimes stereotypes are stereotypes because they're true. So I suppose some folks can be forgiven for thinking that every small town in Oklahoma must be the same. But in the case of Tulsa, that is a stereotype born of ignorance. They are overlooking a very important fact and that is that Tulsa is one of the wealthiest small cities in the Midwest and always has been. And where big money goes, nice amenities follow.

          Tulsa definitely has some pretty terrific restaurants. I have a friend that is a private chef in Tulsa and every time I visit him he takes me to yet one more. The restaurants on Brian S's list are an excellent example.

          And another big thumbs up from me for KEO. No matter which restaurants my friend and I go to during my Tulsa visits, I always stop off at KEO on my last day in town to fill up my cooler with stuff to take back home.

          It's absolutely wonderful.

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            A big Amen to your sentiments. Keo has a new branch now, Keo South. The head chef in that branch is Sam Pacheco, who was head chef at Wolfgang Puck, and the managing partner in that branch, Corey Chang, also worked at Wolfgang Puck and before that was manager of Crawpappy's.

        2. Brian S. is a NYC transplant to Tulsa and does a food blog that may give you some ideas. He recently did a review here on the Great Plains board as well. There are a lot of possibilities there if you get off the interstate.

          1. There's been an explosion of fine dining in Tulsa lately and I could spend the next hour writing about it. But I have to go interview a restaurateur in a few minutes, so I'll take a shortcut. This article is about the ten best dishes served in Tulsa in 2012, but it also is a description of arguably the ten best restaurants, complete with photos of various dishes and links to reviews of each restaurant that provide further info. It is true that, as Jeff says, there are also quite a few Mom and Pop burger and BBQ joints around, some with surprisingly good food, and these provide a unique experience. One example is provided by Donny Teel. He's a regular competitor in BBQ contests and has won several nationwide ones but to keep in practise when he's not competing he sells his stuff from a trailer parked outside a donut shop in Sperry.

            1. There are so many dining choices in Tulsa - and at all price levels.

              Cheap but good are places like Mi Tierra (Peruvian), Tacos el Rio Verde (Mexican), Brothers Houligan (Country stuff like amazing chicken fried steak or wonderful chicken livers).

              Higher up the cost scale there are also many choices and Brian's judgment on them is pretty reliable.

              1. Thanks for all of the suggestions - I'm looking forward to getting there tomorrow and checking some of them out. I'll let you know it goes.

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                  Good eating! If you are heading for a top restaurant such as Juniper Restaurant... and you should (see ), you should probably phone for reservations.