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Feb 17, 2013 03:45 PM

Westchester: I want to meet 20 friends for drinks.

I want to meet 20 friends for drinks. Know a place that has a side room that doesn't feel like a hotel conference room? That bar side room in Ron Black's was ideal, but they removed that.

Also, Club Car in Mamaroneck. Is that a legitimate bar or restaurant only?

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  1. I'm not sure if this would work for you-- depends on how private you want it-- but my sister just had about 15 people for drinks at the bar at Half Moon. They don't take reservations for the bar area but if you get there when it opens you can claim a space. They have great drinks and it was a lot of fun.

    1. Since you mentioned a place in White Plains... Sports Page has a couple private rooms, if that suits your crowd. They slimmed down their menu a few months ago and the food quality has improved.

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      1. Trinity in Harrison has a good-sized bar and a private room. They no longer have a parking lot, so that could be a challenge. Also, Rye Grill and Bar, or Westchester Burger Co in Rye Brook, might be good fits.

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          Thanks, but No parking lot is a hassle. Want to keep this simple and easy. Rye could work, but ideally I want something more centrally located. Let's see.

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            Presumably you mean simple and easy for your drinking friends, not for the folks here making suggestions.

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              42 in the Ritz in WP will have room for you, and people can valet. Easy. Central. Done.

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                Valet @ $10 per car (or is it more now)? I park across the street at the City Center for 75c/hour.

                But then, compared to what drinks will cost, the $10 isn't that bad.

          2. Club car is a nice looking place but the bar is situated between the dining room and the tavern room ( I think it's called) with the fireplace. The space is open so you won't get a private room. I don't think 20 would fill the space but maybe they could work something out for you. Also someone mentioned Massa in Scarsdale the other day in another thread. I have not been there since it became Massa but the upstairs bar lounge/ bar space still looks beautiful, I would check them out to see if you could get the space.

            1. The original comment has been removed