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Feb 17, 2013 02:15 PM

Any Good Food Near The Airport?

My Beloved Mrs. Rapini has a short trip to Portland in about a week. Because it's a business trip, she'll be staying near PDX at the Hyatt Place Hotel. All I've found in the immediate vicinity are chains--IHOP, buffalo wings, Panda Express, and the like. Are there any chow-worthy places nearby?

She'll be arriving early Sunday evening, and will need a decent place to eat after her flight, and possibly a couple of other nights as well. She appreciates good food, wine, etc...Not too much of a brew pub person, but in a pinch...Mostly, she's hoping for a non-chain. non-corporate experience.

We're both reasonably familiar with Portland, and some of its terrific restaurants; but her opportunities to get to them will be limited on this trip. Suggestions that aren't too much of a drive from the hotel will be appreciated.

Thanks, 'hounds, for your help...

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  1. Not too much very close, but a 20 min. drive (depending on traffic) can get you to:


    -Country Cat

    -Podnah's BBQ

    -Pho Oregon (no website - best pho in town, and there is a lot of pho around here)

    1. Smallwares:

      Then there are restaurants on Alberta (AVIARY) and the pocket of restaurants (AUTENTTICA) on Killingsworth/30th...