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Feb 17, 2013 02:13 PM

Lunch along promenade plantée?

We’re planning a leisurely walk this spring and would appreciate any thoughts on good places to stop for an even more leisurely lunch (under 50€ pp). Not picky about the type of cuisine in this case. Recommendations farther afield than Bastille much appreciated.



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  1. I guess it depends on how much walking you want to do before lunch. Coming from the Bastille, at about the 1 km mark, Clandestino on the rue Crozatier just a 3-or 4 min walk from the Promenade Plantée/ Coulée Verte is exceptionally recommendable food-wise... and budget-wise. Or, at 2 km (which includes a somewhat boring street-level patch between the Jardin de Reuilly and the rue Reuilly) , you can wander down (3 or 4 mins) to Le Trou Gascon on the rue Taine/ boulevard Reuilly ... a landmark bistro with a Michelin star... a little warning: there is a 40€ lunch "formule" but the extras (water, wine, coffee, etc) will probably bring you over your 50€ ceiling... and a relatively stylish clientele so no shorts or white shoes, ok? At 3 km, the pickings are slim... maybe just Le Bistrot 102 on the avenue Général-Michel-Bizot or, if you can tolerate a somewhat boring 10-minute detour, the delightful Les Zygomates on the rue Capri. Incidentally the Coulée Verte from the rue Reuilly to the end follows the old railway cutting/ "en tranchée" below street level... the surrounding neighbourhood is kinda bland and/or redeveloped so not really a bad thing and indeed creates a very incongruous but enjoyable canyon/ oasis effect.

    If you want to do just the 1.5-km elevated section of Promenade Plantée, you easily take in the Place d'Aligre/ rue Cotte/ rue Citeaux where there is an amazing collection of really good restaurants as well as a covered market (open mornings, then mostly shuts down for lunch, and then starts going again from 4 to 7 or so) and a mostly morning-only street market. Really great food karma, especially rue Cotte where you'd have to be very very unlucky to end up with a bad meal. Everybody has their favourites in the area and most of them will be found by a search of this board.

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      I'd second Clandestino; wonderful; & also suggest Shan Gout for a superb French-Chinese contemporary fusion meal.