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Feb 17, 2013 01:27 PM

Lobster Roll in the Valley

I'm pretty sure in the last several years there has been a discussion on Lobster Rolls. I need mny memory refreshed and any new finds that I may not be aware of. Thanks.

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  1. super fan of a good lobster roll. A few weeks ago I had some oysters and a Lobster Roll at The Hungry Cat in Santa Monica Canyon (100 w. channel road (@pch)
    santa monica, ca 90402) better than SM Seafood, which is not bad.

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    1. re: CharlesKochel

      I enjoyed my recent visit to Hungry Cat in SM Canyon; had the lobster roll but found it kind of generic. The rest of the meal was fun and very tasty

      1. re: VenusCafe

        I feel the same way, it's a fun atmosphere and "due diligence" food, taking no chances, never bad, consistent but not very exciting...I've heard a bit of good "rambling" about Son of a Gun, and I believe the hype. Also, I hear Winks, serves a mean roll - I don't believe it, but will give it a shot when I'm near...A Traditional Lobster Roll (I like Spiny better than Maine) and a cup of chowder is one of my favorite all time combos, if you find a good one, let me know... :-)~~

      2. re: CharlesKochel

        I friend mentioned the other day that I should try Hinoki & The Bird for their lobster roll. Went on line and I can't tell whethe it is a lobster roll or an upgraded sushi dish. Information would be most appreciated.

        1. re: Hughlipton

          Haven't had yet, but from all that I've read, it's a lobster salad in a charcoal bun. Not a sushi dish.

      3. To my knowledge, there is nothing in the Valley but I could be wrong.

        1. I think you'll have to wait for the Lobsta Truck to roll by.

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          1. re: jesstifer

            The Lobsta Truck is in Chatsworth tomorrow night. Periodically, they park in Sherman Oaks near the Guitar Center, but I haven't seen them there recently.

            You can check the schedule on their website:

            1. re: Jwsel

              Problem solved for the poster. Chatsworth tomorrow night.

              I would hazard a guess that the Lobsta Truck would be the best version of the lobster roll anywhere in the valley sit down or not.

              I really like those rolls although they are expensive for a truck, at 12 dollars a pop for a tiny roll.

              that reminds me that i'm also overdue on a visit.

              1. re: kevin

                $12 for a good lobster roll is a steal considering that the lobster is from Maine, and in Maine a similar lobster roll will run you $11 to $14

                1. re: jackattack

                  Try as I might, I cannot taste a difference between a Maine lobster and a west coast one. That said, the 1st lobster roll I had was in Boston and it was great!

                  1. re: Scotty

                    Can you Taste the difference between Turkey and Chicken?

                    1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                      That's a good question! I think I can, but it's not like I hate turkey and love chicken. I can not tell any differance between chicken and cornish game hen.

                      Some of the best lobster I ever ate were the west coast ones we caught a few hours before cooking them in the camp fire.

              1. re: Servorg

                Hugh, my wife reminded me that we have seen New England style lobster rolls at King's Fish House in Calabasas. Now I can't recall if this was some sort of specialty, or not? It was at lunch time, I do recall that.

                1. re: Servorg

                  King's has a Lobster Crunchy Roll on both their lunch and dinner menus. No idea how they make it, but the next time I go there I will order one and report.

                  1. re: pizzafreak

                    I may be mistaking, but I'm quite sure King's Lobster Crunchy Roll is slices of tempura fried lobster and Crab salad rolled up like a California roll.

                    1. re: CharlesKochel

                      I think that is right (regarding what the "crunchy" lobster roll is). But unless my wife is wrong (and she claims that the only time that happened is once when she thought she was wrong, but turned out to be right) and my memory has slipped another cog or three, they did have a New England style lobster roll offered at lunch at one time. Whether that is still the case or not I don't know. But it might be worth checking if one lived n the west Valley and one had a bad jones for a lobby roll.

                2. BP Oysterette Update. Another chef is gobbling up our Chound recommendations. I had a BP Oysterette Lobster Roll yesterday for a late lunch, they now offer "dressed" and "not dressed" or "nude" if you will.

                  This change was the result of a thread about customers commenting on too much Mayo. Dressed is thick in mayo, nude melted butter with no may...My comment to the chef was, "own it" they went a little polar on both sides.

                  I ordered the "naked" and it was pretty good, small, with sweet potato fries and a cold beer. Total brought me to tears at roughly $45 with a cup of chowder, chowder was also good.

                  Food 8
                  Service 9
                  Atmosphere 10
                  Value 5

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                  1. re: CharlesKochel

                    Good to know they will do one CT style, gotta try it now, but a roll, some chowder, fries & a beer was $45? Brutal.....

                    1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                      A lobster roll is $24, fries $6, chowder is $8, and beers range from $6 - $10. You are paying purely for location.

                      1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                        "You are paying purely for location."

                        The story of living in Los Angeles, California vs Wahoo, Nebraska (where, according to the Internet you can buy a cute little 3 bedroom 2 bath house at 1027 North Orange St for $90,000).

                        1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                          Um, yes, I am aware of this, as I live six miles away from BPO.... I'm also paying for someone to make something that I crave from my youth......

                      2. re: CharlesKochel

                        Brutal it was. I knew the price so I split the roll, fries & chowda with a friend, it was 'nearly' enough & no split charge.

                        Noticed Water Grill is moving in soon.

                        I'm soliciting best 'value' experience SM walk from 5th & SM

                        1. re: CharlesKochel

                          "Pretty good"

                          Does that mean 'great' or 'just okay'? For $24 that roll should be outstanding, I don't care where it's located.

                          1. re: latindancer

                            scale of 1-10, a 7. It's not worth the $24, but I had the craving...better to wait a few weeks for Water Grill, pay $27 and get the best

                            The best deal is an "Undisclosed" fisherman selling tails for $11 on the west side during the season...fresh cleaned or alive, spiny lobsters, & take care of the rest at home, the way you like it or We MIGHT be able to send The Lobsta Truck a few messages and get a once a week showing in SM???

                            1. re: CharlesKochel

                              Are the tails from spiny lobsters or Australians? I'm not that fond of the Australian rock lobsters, got too spoiled growing up on sweet Maine lobsters.....

                              And I like your plan to message the Lobsta Truck....may have to like them on FB and follow them on Twitter....

                              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                I'm social media'd up and ready. You say go and well campaign it. Local Spiny is the lobster I was referring, tails, gooood. Surprisingly Huge

                                1. re: CharlesKochel

                                  Yes, I like spiny and yes, they get pretty huge.... Wanna share where in the Westside this "undisclosed" seller can be found??

                                  And I just followed LT and posted a message on their FB page. Your turn! ;-)

                          2. re: CharlesKochel

                            Yes, good luck with that, not much there would be considered a "good value".... It is just too much of a tourist center.

                            1. re: CharlesKochel


                              Thank the gods. Finally a great restaurant opening on the Westside with some half-way decent seafood.
                              It'll be soooo welcomed.