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Feb 17, 2013 12:28 PM

Dinner Recommendations

Dinner Recommendations

I am looking forward to my second trip to New Orleans in April! I will be attending a Conference for a few days, but will also have a few days on my own.

I have been reading your Board since Christmas, and I’ve cross referenced it to a few other sources including uhockey’s highly entertainingly and invaluable blog “Endo Edibles.” I managed to narrow my list down to what I think are my top four, but I only have three nights to myself. I would really love to hear your thoughts on my finalists. I know I will be happy dining at any of the four finalists, so this is one of those fun decisions in life. :) A few things about me: I enjoy a dry cocktail to start, and then a glass of wine with the meal; I will be dining solo, but sitting alone at a table doesn’t bother me, unless the restaurant is terribly romantic; I prefer fish and seafood to meat, though once and a while I can be tempted by veal or pork or a nicely grilled steak; I love creativity in a dish, and sometimes will have a four or five course tasting menu of appetizers and forego an entrée (but never dessert….).

Thank you for your thoughts!

These were all contenders at one time:
Clancy’s, Mr. B’s, Arnaud’s, Luke, Antoine’s, Upperline, R’evolution, and Gw Fins.

These are my four Finalists, in Alpha order:
1) Brigsten’s 2) Galatoire 3) Herbsaint 4) Restaurant August

p.s. I will be snacking on chargrilled oysters at Drago’s during the trip and will be enjoying crayfish etouffee at Bon Ton Café for lunch before heading home.

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  1. I can't help too much as there is nothing wrong with any of the choices, and you can always toss a coin. But if I were to be solo I would choose Brigsten's or Herbsaint as they are the smaller more intimate of the four. Depending on the time and your location you could also easily end up chatting with adjacent tables at Galatoire's, if you are so inclined.

    1. Your list looks great to me, happily April will be my first time at Galatoire's -- for the famed Friday lunch.

      If you are looking for more lunch ideas you could then keep Mr. B's and/or Luke on your list. I am a fan of eating at the bar for a convivial lunch/cocktail. I've had unique, fun, delicious and very reasonable bar lunches at each spot -- by myself. Bartenders and/or other diners have been lovely!

      1. I am going to have to suggest Gw Fins. We had our best meal there the last time we were in NOLA.

        1. Brigsten's for sure. I would strongly suggest Coquette. It's a small place, warm, the service is great, no rush & the food is outstanding. I would skip August as my last 2 meals there have not been good.

          I love Galatoire's, but I've never been there alone. I've had 1 good meal at Herbsaint & 1 not so good meal.

          Have a great time. Weather should be perfect if not a bit warm.

          1. Restaurant August. Make SURE to get the gnocci with truffles and crab