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Feb 17, 2013 11:37 AM

Good Irish pubs East Bay (Walnut Creek, Danville, San Ramon area)

Anyone know of good Irish pub in the area above? Looking for great pub food for lunch or dinner. Thanks.

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  1. I'm not sure there are any Irish pubs out there. I've heard some good reports on The Crown in Danville, but that's British.

    There are some Irish bars on this side of the Caldecott, but since Beckett's closed I'm not sure there are any with good food. The Starry Plough is a great bar but you might want to drink three or four pints before trying the food. Commonwealth has good food but it's more British than Irish.

    1. Brennans is the one I come up with.

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        Brennan's has good food, though the menu's more hofbrau than Irish.

      2. Dan's @1524 Civic Dr. Walnut Creek, calls itselfs irish but it may be more of a sports bar

        Mcgee's @1645 Park ave, alameda definitely irish pub.
        Starry Plough seems family oriented now, losts it's edge
        dublin sports bar @7924 san ramon, dublin more a sport than an irish pub
        gallagher's @7821 amador valley,dublin is irish styled pub. patrons here give newcomers a blank stare.