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Feb 17, 2013 11:28 AM

Korean and Philippine Cookbook

I try to have a "reference" cookbooks for many different countries around the world (and later add more regional specific cookbooks for each interesting country). Somehow I have problems to find good reference cookbooks for Korean and Philippine cuisine. Any suggestions ?

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  1. My favorite Filipino cookbook is Kulinarya, which I picked up on the trip to the Philippines. Its several authors include Claude Tayag, who some might remember as appearing in the Phillipines episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.

    1. I have several good Korean cookbooks-

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        Are you willing to share the titles ?

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          The Kimchee Cookbook by Lauryn Chun
          Korean Cookery by Lee Wades
          A Korean Mothers Cooking Notes by Chang Sun-Young
          The Korean Kitchen by Copland Marks
          Homestyle Korean Cooking by Cho Joong Ok
          Eating Korean by Chin Hae-Jin Lee
          Kimchi Chronicles

          There r several shows on u-tube and hulu

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            JPR54_1: have you cooked from Kimchi Chronicles? It is sitting on my bookshelf begging to be used and I do not know where to start. Can you recommend some recipes to start with?


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              I looked over some of the reviews on Amazon but where do you see strengths and weaknesses of these different books or their main focus

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                I own Kimchi Chronicles and A Korean Mother's Cooking notes so I can speak to those. Kimchi Chronicles has two types of recipes- straight up Korean and Korean inspired. Most of the recipes that I have tried to date have been the barbecued meats (they appealed the most) and I have had more luck with the "inspired" recipes more than the authentically Korean ones, but I am glad to own this. A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes is translated from a Korean cookbook geared to new housewives, and since there are no pictures and in my opinion imprecise translations of ingredients and instructions, it will be hard to use unless you are already familiar with the cuisine.

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                  Thank you for this review, Trisha! Any favourites to recommend from Kimchi Chronicles?

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                    Hi Herby. Like I said, I've mainly been drawn to the grilled meat recipes. I really liked Grilled Pork Chops with Spicy Barbecue Sauce, Tteokgalbi (Seasoned Short Rib Burgers), Barbecued Chicken with Sweet Barbecue Sauce and Spice-Rubbed Korean Chicken (really good for a quick weeknight meal).

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                      Thank you, Trisha! I looked up spiced-rubed chicken and it looks simple - I have chichen breasts in the freezer and will give it a try soon, While I was flipping through the book it opened up on seafood pancake and that looks amazing; very simple again and I wonder if the dipping sauce will bring it up a notch. I love savoury pancakes and must give this one a try.

                      Another question. Were you able to find red pepper paste and powder or did you sub and if you did, what did you use?

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                        Yes, I have easy access to Korean ingredients in Washington DC. I think you can substitute a coarse red pepper for gochugaru in some applications (not in kimchi due to the volume used), but I can't think of a decent sub for the red pepper paste. And the seafood pancake always comes served with a soy based dipping sauce in restaurants.

          2. Hermes House, a UK publisher, has some good country cookbooks (well illustrated). You may find them in your library or used bookstore



            1. Two books which I have are
              Practical Korean Cooking by Nim Chin-hwa, published in Korea for english readers, with the typical step by step pictures and directions
              Filipino Cuisine, Recipes from the Islands by Gary G. Gelle

              I think these would serve your reference purposes very well.

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              1. Discovering Korean Cuisine
                is an interesting book, it's a collection of recipes from LA area Korean restaurants.