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Feb 17, 2013 10:08 AM

Tea for Two Downtown Montreal

I have always bemoaned the demise of the old lovely tea room at Ogilvy's. Do Montrealer's have a favorite place for a good cup of English tea and a nice selection of savory or sweets. My English friends are visiting. Help.


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  1. Birks Cafe @ birks at square phillips

    I also think they serve tea at The Ritz since reopenning

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    1. re: westaust

      The nicest place for tea with the grandest room is the Saint James Hotel.

      You can be served in the main room or the more private libary.

      1. re: InterFoodie

        Thank you very much for your suggestion.

        1. re: catroast

          Thanks, catroast. Nochochi looks like it may be the best choice as it is near the museum where we will go first!

          1. re: Linda W.

            Also with famed tea service near the museum is Le Maitre Chocolatier

        2. Sorry to piggyback on this thread but I wanted to know which one serves the most traditional English afternoon tea and which place is most baby friendly? Also how muchdoes it cost at the Ritz or at Birks cafe? Is Gryphon d' Or still a good option?

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          1. re: hungryann

            The last time I was at Gryphon d'Or was last Mother's Day and it was great. I've never been disappointed there.

          2. I hear Hotel Sofitel has nice high tea too, also close to the museum.

            1. I have not been there, but have read about the tea service at the St. James Hotel. I would love to go there.