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Feb 17, 2013 08:20 AM

Foodie Trip in June--Thoughts?

Greetings All!
My better half and I will be traveling in Maine/NH/VT for about 10 days in June. We love good food and we want to find hidden gems, perhaps some great farm to table places, etc. We will certainly plan at least parts of the trip just around some great eating, so we'd love to get your suggestions!

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  1. June is a bit early for some farmers markets but you might be surprised. You can get a list from each state's dept of agriculture. Right now the Tilton NH Winter Farmers Market is terrific (i.e. Mushroom guy and pasta guy, Lake Wini Cheese Company, etc). The Bratttleboro VT farmers market has several food vendors so you can get some lunch. If your visit coincides with strawberry season, you can get local yogurt and strawberries for dessert.

    We enjoyed the food tour of Portland ME's Old Port Area. Unfortunately, they did not provide a list of the places we visited (unlike the Boston food tours).

    1. Portland (and other places in Maine, like Rockland and Belfast) have a large number of farm-to-table restaurants of the highest quality. That being said, as mentioned below, won't be a lot of local produce in yet, but if your f-to-t includes seafood and meat, there will be lots of options. In Portland, famous places like Fore St., 555, and Hugo's come to mind, along with many others. Check this board further for Portland possibilities if you haven't been here before.

      1. Lots and lots of GREAT farm to table options in Northern Vermont.
        Hen of the Wood in Waterbury is fantastic. They will be opening a second location in Burlington in the near future. Love the Bobcat Cafe and Brewery in Bristol and Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes.
        Any particular area(s) you are interested in visiting?

        1. Here are some places I love:

          Republic in Manchester NH
          LA Burdick in Walpole NH
          Pickity Place in Mason NH

          1. Roots Restaurant
            51 Wales St.
            Rutland, VT

            Solo Farm and Table
            95 Middletown Rd.
            South Londonderry, VT

            Hen of the Woods
            92 Stowe St.
            Waterbury, VT

            Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
            1281 Waterbury Stowe Rd.
            Waterbury, VT

            3 Main St.
            Montpelier, VT

            Hunger Mountain Food Co-op
            623 Stone Cutters Way
            Montpelier, VT

            City Market/Onion River Food Co-op
            82 S. Winooski Ave.
            Burlington, Vermont

            Penny Cluse Cafe
            169 Cherry St.
            Burlington, VT

            Cotton Restaurant
            75 Arms St.
            Manchester, NH

            Republic Cafe
            1069 Elm St.
            Manchester, NH

            Margarita Grill
            78 Rt. 302
            Glen, NH

            Vignola Cinque Terre
            10 Dana St.
            Portland, ME

            Arrows Restaurant
            41 Berwick Rd.
            Ogunquit, ME

            Cook's Lobster House
            68 Garrison Cove Rd.
            Bailey Island, ME