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Feb 17, 2013 08:03 AM

Marley's Monster Grill and Pizza - Clearwater

I had noticed this place around Thanksgiving. The place felt like it could have Chow potential. This (like most of 19) location is buried in the blur of little strip centers and somehow the name on the sign caught my attention. I'm so glad it did!

Due to family issues I had a very short window of time to myself on my most recent visit back to the area. Marley's was close enough to allow a quick look and the mention I had found on a local blog* had me intrigued. So a snack seemed in order.

Marley's is a free standing building just south of Curlew on the east side of the road. If you are heading south on 19 it is a very easy turn to maneuver.
Interior is clean and simple - bar with free standing tables. Outdoors seating is available too.

The male half of the couple who owns Marley's was there and set a friendly mood. He brought me some freshly fried tortilla chips with a nicely spiced cheese dip to nibble on while I awaited my order. I was there at an off hour but there were still a few customers coming and going. Most seemed to be regulars.

The menu has a lot of standards - burgers, pizza, wings. The Philly cheese steaks had grabbed my attention. I have never been to Philadelphia, but years ago there was Philly's Hoagie Shop on Cleveland St. at Lincoln which set the bar for my Cheese Steak expectations. They sliced the steak as you waited, cooking to order on a griddle across from the counter. I was there every Friday after cashing my check across the street at the long gone Savings and Loan.

I held my hopes in check. So many "cheese steak" places deliver ground beef or sliced deli roast beef and call it a day. Marley's Cheese Steak was like going back home! Great bread, real steak, perfection!

I was distracted from my sandwich by an order of skinny onion rings delivered to a table. They looked and smelled fantastic! On my list for next time...

So nice to find such a delicious and welcoming spot!

*Thanks to Mild Bill, whose blog post showed up in my search for information and reinforced my feeling that this spot had potential!

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  1. Clearwater is where the Phillies do spring training. Lots of Philly influence there. I'd expect a good steak sandwich.

    1. Awesome brother!
      Thanks for the mention, and I'm glad you had a good meal...

      I was in a couple weeks ago but I'm overdue for their Monsterotti ---- the Pizza folded over like a Calzone,..
      And Wings, and a Cheesesteak...