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Feb 17, 2013 05:36 AM

Quick Weekend in MIA - Recs

Hi there Miami Hounds,

My wife and I are headed to Miami for quick weekend visit with her brother who lives in what I *think* is the UES of town (Belle Meade neighborhood).

Brother is not much of a food person so we are on research detail. Wife and I prefer casual and local - happier in places that don't appear in, say, airline magazines.

Here's our current plan:

Arrive Fri afternoon - dinner at Michy's

Sat lunch - Michael's Genuine (because I have never been and have been told this needs to be top of the list)

We need a Sat breakfast idea - preferably not on South Beach or Lincoln Rd, which Brother takes us to every time we're in town.

Thinking about a casual dinner at Garcia's on Sat night, but open to other ideas - have heard the food truck scene in MIA is jamming...

Last thing - would love some great Cuban coffee & pastry. Versailles recommended to us - looking for confirmation or better/closer ideas.

Many thanks - looking forward to a couple days in your lovely city.

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  1. Close by Belle Meade / UES, in addition to Michy's and Michael's Genuine (both very good calls), and focusing on casual / local, I would also suggest -

    Blue Collar (very close - 67th & Biscayne) / casual comfort food, lunch & dinner + weekend brunch.
    Ouzo's (78th just off Biscayne) - Greek / Mediterranean, on the Little River.
    Ni.Do Caffe (73rd & Biscayne) - decent, homey Italian place, good pastas & cheeses (recent chef change, haven't been since).
    Jimmy's Eastside Diner (72nd & Biscayne) - old school, greasy spoon diner, breakfast & lunch.
    The Federal - (51st & Biscayne) - gastropub type place, dinner & Sunday brunch.

    As for your Cuban coffee & pastry request, if you want something closer than Versailles I'd recommend going to North Beach (cross 79th Street Causeway to the beach), go to Sazon for your coffee (think they've got a little window for takeout on the side), and get pastries from Buenos Aires Bakery (Argentinian) or Moises Bakery (Venezuelan).

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          I looked it up - that place looks great. Only 4 seats at the sushi bar - love it. Reminds me of Jiro Dreams of Sushi (great documentary, if you haven't seen it).


        2. re: Frodnesor

          Thanks for the great recommendations. He (the Brother) has definitely mentioned Ni.Do and we've enjoyed breakfast at Jimmy's once before.

          Sazon sounds perfect, as well, thanks again!