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Feb 17, 2013 05:20 AM

Saquenay and Lac St Jean. ANY ideas???

I visit Baie St Paul and the The Eastern Townships and want to spend more time up at Saquenay, La Baie , etc, but no idea where to stay/eat. Have not had much luck up there. Even one good lodging with food worth eating would work.

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  1. I have family in Saguenay and in Lac St Jean, and I've never heard them get really enthused about any fine restaurants up there. Most of them have mixed opinions about fine dining (the old "too little on your plate for the price and more visual art than actual food" comes up often), so I don't know what's to be expected in that area. I would unfortunately have to guess some overly modern / try hard food or some of the old and tired French classics, but I can really not say for sure. In any case, here are the names I remember hearing when they were referring to their finer dining experiences:


    Now that the bad news are out of the way, let's move on to more casual experiences: an area in which the region fares much better. In this case, I can make a suggestion that I've myself sampled:

    La Voie Maltée

    It's a terrific microbrewery, and their beer-based dishes are really great. I especially enjoyed their fish and chips.

    Though I've never sampled it myself, I've also heard good things about this restaurant:

    Café du Presbytère

    As for lodging suggestions, I can't really comment on any of the region's offerings. I just saw on Pachon's website that it is an auberge, but I can't comment on its quality. I have, however, heard about one of my remote family members' business endeavor:

    Chalets et Spa Lac Saint-Jean

    From what my grandmother and my aunts have told me, they're getting raging reviews and a lot more bookings than they were expecting, both from locals and tourists, so I'm guessing it's a safe bet.

    I'm sorry I cannot offer more first hand advice, but I hope this short list can help you get started. If you're a beer enthusiast, I really suggest you try La Voie Maltée the next time you're in the area.

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      You are such a peach to respond! This is a tough place to research and i love going there. Please try L'Estampilles in Baie St Paul. It has become a destination for us all the way from Cape Cod. But I really like venturing further north if I am going that far. Parc du Saguanay and the Haute Gorges at La Malbaie ar on for a return in June when I see Lac St Jean for the first time. Merci Merci merci

    2. This is a nice place if you pass through Tadoussac for some fjord hiking and whale-watching:

      Comfy rooms, great stick-to-your-ribs quebecois comfort food.

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        Thanks so much. (merci). It seems to be seulement en francais but that is ok. I visited Tadousac and appreciate the recommendation. We have taken all the little hikes there and stayed at Hotel T. - they upgraded us to the best room in the hotel!...but I have wanted another place to eat. It was ok there, but nothing to write home about. Now, maybe I will go and spend a few days back in that town and stay there. Any other food or lodging to recommend?

        1. re: Magritte

          Not that I can remember the names of, it's been years and I spent only a couple night there.

          The place I linked to requires min. 2 night stay. The buffet is great. Authentic deep-dish tourtiere du Lac St-Jean, salmon tourtiere (tarte au saumon) and the desert pies ("tarte au...") are delish, among the best I've had.

      2. Well, can't really help lodging-wise, but foodwise, Le Privilège is back in business in its new incarnation.

        Also, word on the street is that the best sushi in the province is in Chicoutimi:

        Still in Chicoutimi, La Cuisine is very decent:

        Finally, the one regional institution that everybody loves (except visiting foodies from outside who have no clue) is the steak house:

        PS: Don't believe anyone who recommends L'Auberge des 21.

        1. To poumonsauvage..Thanks so much. it is so hard to put together a trip up there for one who is pathetic in la/le? langue de francais