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Feb 17, 2013 12:39 AM

New job 31st & Ninth - tasty lunch and dinner suggestions?

Hello! I've recently started a new job on W 31st btw Eighth & Ninth and I'm looking for tasty fast lunch suggestions w in maybe a 5-10 block radius (prefer something quick and inexpensive, love ethnic) and some nicer dinner suggestions (same general radius). I feel like I'm in a bit of a restaurant dead zone, but I really hope that's not the case.

So far for lunch I've done Pio Pio Rico and Zib Zoob (or something like that) for pretty tasty Asian noodles. And for dinner, I like Keens, a few places in K town (Han bat and the new fancy place on the high floor of the bldg on 32nd and bway) and the Bresslin and John Dory.

Someone suggested mexicue on Seventh, but I haven't been yet. Anyone tried? Other suggestions?

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  1. I used to work right near there, here are some thoughts but I've forgotten names of places and places might have closed (it's been about a year).

    There is very good pizza at the place on 8th just south of the post office. If you walk up 9th, there are several Thai places on the east side of 9th. As I recall, the one I liked best was the one farthest south (sorry not to be more help).

    Not sure if you want takeout but there is a Korean takeout place on 8th and 29th or so (on west side of 8th) that had some good stuff and a place to get soup on 32nd between 7th and 8th.

    Lugo at 1 Penn Plaza (8th and 32nd) isn't bad. The crispy pork shank (which they seem to have about half the year) is quite good, but huge. Pastas are decent. Some nice salads.

    Other people here like Tir Na Nog, on 8th and 33rd, but I had bad experiences there.

    Bon Chon chicken might be a bit too far (there are a couple branches) but it has excellent Korean style fried chicken (slow fast food - that is, it looks like fast food place but stuff is cooked to order).

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      There's a Bon Chon location on 38th Street between 8th and 9th.

      Some friends also like Go Go Curry in 38th between 7th and 8th.

    2. See also:

      Have you checked out Midtown Lunch?

      For lunch:
      Salumeria Biellese
      Sullivan St Bakery
      Grand Sichuan

      For dinner:
      Co aka Company

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        This is awesome! Thank you guys! I cant wait for work next week! (Well, that's not entirely true...)

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        1. Well, you can walk up to Sergimmo on 9th between 35th and 36th for great Italian deli food. Manganaro Hero Boy one block north makes decent sandwiches, and a new Neapolitan pizza place opened up next door.

          If you head over 29th and 8th, Uncle Nick's makes serviceable Greek food. Otherwise, you can always walk to 7th Ave., where there are no shortage of options.

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            Try Mooncake Foods on 30th between 7th and 8th - would highly recommend Mexicue as a Chipolte alternative - tacos , sliders and bowls (rice and salad) are really good