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Peanut Butter- Calgary

First time using this, but I'm just wondering if anybody has been able to find Peanut butter & Co brand peanut butter anywhere in Calgary or Airdrie! I've been looking for it for a whole and I can't find any websites that ship it to Canada. I'd love to find it in White Chocolate Wonderful! Its from ilovepeanutbutter.com Thanks!

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  1. I've purchased that brand at Community Natural Foods. Nutter's in Camore also sells it.

    1. I have found this brand at both London Drugs and the Wal-Mart Supercenter at Deerfoot Meadows recently. Not sure if they carry the flavor you are looking for though.

      1. Walmart and The Butcher Shoppe in Airdrie have the brand.

        1. Sunterra (West Springs) location carries Peanut Butter & Co. although I do not recall seeing the flavour you are requesting. Worth giving Sunterra a call before heading over there.

          1. Planet Organic South has it.

            1. Walmart Supercenter in Airdrie should have it. However, I don't recall seeing the White Chocolate flavor. I always buy the Bee's Knees.

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                Thank you! Do you know where in Walmart?

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                  They do not put it with the regular peanut butters, they locate it in the organics isle.

              2. As per DeeDub, Sunterra in Westhills carries PB & Co. If you haven't already tried it, Dark Chocolate Dreams is ... dreamy! For the longest time I unsuccessfully scoped out Planet Organic, Community, & Amaranth until finally making the request of Sunterra management to carry the brand. Happy days! Also, I have spotted PB & Co. at Safeway of all places. It is NOT however in the PB aisle; look for the organic aisle. In Beddington it is across from the Perrier display (logical: no).

                1. I was at Safeway in Beddington today and White Chocolate Wonderful is in stock. It's even in the regular peanut butter aisle!