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Feb 16, 2013 07:39 PM

Kabob Corner Medford

Had dinner at Kabob Corner this evening. Anyone else been there? It was our first time there. Definitely a mixed bag of results. Nice veggie samosas and great bread basket. Hubby had the Chicken Tikka masala which was predictable but good. I had chicken biryani which could only be described as anemic. I asked for it spicy. It was barely seasoned. Overall a decent experience but nothing that stood out. Curious if anyone has some "best bets" or " must orders" here

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  1. Had their buffet the other day; the Chicken Tikka and Mattar Paneer were really mediocre, not worthwhile at all... but the goat curry was very decent, and the chicken kabab and, especially, the tandoori chicken were truly excellent. I rarely even bother with tandoori chicken, but theirs was flavorful and juicy.

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      Thank you! It definitely seems that the kabobs are the way to go!

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        I have to agree. I have been several times for the buffet and the goat curry and tandoori chicken are very good.

      2. I get takeout from there sometimes, but have never been there. Everything I've ordered has been solidly what I expected -- good, not exceptional, takeout Indian. Nothing notably superb, nothing notably bad.

        1. I have been to the kabob Corner in Medford numerous times for their lunch buffet. I like their chicken kabobs, chicken tandoori, chicken tikka masala and kheer (rice pudding) for dessert. I did not like their goat curry because there were numerous small sharp pieces of bone in the curry. You had to be careful you didn't swallow a small piece of bone. One time they had lamb curry on their lunch buffet. The lamb curry was fantastic. Tender boneless pieces of lamb in a delicious curry. I haven't seen the lamb curry back on their lunch buffet.

          1. I am in Melrose, and this is my go-to takeout for Indian despite a number of closer options. Their standard Indian menu options are meh, but dishes of Mughal or Pakistani origin tend to be quite good. This is not the place for biryani, most of the British-style curries (vindaloo, tikka masala, etc), or anything absurdly spicy.

            The most important thing to know is that the meat dishes on the halal menu are far superior to those on the normal menu. The goat curry is consistently excellent, and the goat Seekh kebab is decent even though the lamb Seekh kebab on the normal menu is mediocre at best. The chicken korma and the butter chicken off of the halal menu are good as well.

            The aloo gobi and the malai kofta are the best vegetarian dishes I have had, although I often get the saag paneer even though I know there are better versions out there. For bread, the Peshawari naan is one of the better versions I have had in the area, although I prefer their chewy whole-wheat roti to their plain naan for eating with curries.

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              Thank you for that great insight on the menu. Really I should have known that Mughal or Pakistani was more the specialty here. We will definitely give it another try

            2. I am a customer because they deliver to my house in West Medford and the food is good. I don't expect great in delivery. Meat samosa and goat curry are what I usually order.

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                Thank you. I will definitely give the goat curry a try next time around. Clearly a favorite.