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Feb 16, 2013 03:22 PM

Santouka Brothless Ramen

Hit the Santouka Torrance this morning. I was hoping for their cold ramen special with the heat, but they were advertising a hot ramen with no broth. It's one of the 20 per day specials, and is served Thu-Sun for the next 3 weeks.

They say it has "minced meat and vegetables." The sauce was sort of bolognese-like in texture, and the dish came with daikon greens, bean sprouts and cabbage. Cabbage and sprouts were parcooked but not pickled, but when mixed with the sauce and the chili paste on the side, it was quite delicious.

The resultant dish had more heat than I usually get with Japanese food, and was wholly satisfying. I would recommend trying it.

And for those who lament the Santouka egg: check out the one in the photo. It was a perfect soft cook--a long way from their hard-cooked soy egg. Maybe the outsourced it? ;) The egg comes ice cold, FWIW.

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  1. can y0u get the noodles without the pork sauce, or if they have a beef minced meat sauce, instead ???

    thanks for the update.

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    1. re: kevin

      I'm not sure on either question, but I consider them to be fairly inflexible. I've seen them turn down all sorts of modification requests over the years.

      1. re: kevin

        yeah, they're pretty inflexible from my experience too. my guess is they wouldn't.

        btw, fig newton, thanks for sharing. i went yesterday but couldn't try any of the specials. i'll try to get to it before the last weekend of the month..