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Feb 16, 2013 03:04 PM

DE KAS in Amsterdam- DE WORST

Was really looking forward to my meal here, heard many good things from people who dined here. I think the chef literally forgot how to cook during the 2 hours that we were there. There was no imagination, the combination of ingredients baffled us, and the wine pairings were almost undrinkable. I'm getting palpitations again just writing about it. Only saving grace was we were spared having to pay for this crap !!!

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  1. You didn't have to pay because??

    The Netherlands is not a foodie destination. My husband and I lived there for several years and were astonished at how crappy and cheap minded their restaurant meals were. I know there are exceptions, but on a regular basis their cuisine really sucks.

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      Which explains why of my dozen or so trips through the Netherlands, I either ate herring, nasi goreng, bami goreng, or rijstaffel. After a few tries at various price points.

      And bowing down to the jenever in the Braune.

    2. This was the case when we had dinner there 3 years ago. I don't understand the raves.