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HILTON HEAD - Roasted Oysters?

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Will be down last week of February = any chance we can find roasted oysters on HHI!

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  1. I can't give you specifics, but go to the local paper's website. Many lowcountry charities do oyster roasts for fund raisers:


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      Thanks. I had found the local paper but found it was pretty dated in terms of events.

      I really was looking for restaurants that offer roasted oysters on the menu this time of year - you can find quite a few of those in the Charleston and Myrtle Beach areas.

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        You could ask these guys. I've eaten at the restaurant once and it was pretty good. They have a nice oyster roasting set-up in the park behind the seafood store.


    2. So here it is - Hudsons Seafood does the Roasted Oysters and does them well! Local Oysters!

      There was one other place - but they were closed and relocating and cannot remember the name