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Feb 16, 2013 01:36 PM

What did they serve at your wedding?

I got married in 1978.....but we are really interested in your experience....for example...the caterer at our wedding asked us what we would be drinking that night? I said bannana Daquiri, the bride , Champagne...., The cocktail hour first from the receiving line ;I remember the line of prepared foods., there must have been 25 different items ..Swedish meatballs, pigs in blankets, calf brains, , chicken chow mein, skewers of curried chicken, pasta stations with tons of veggies, dried beef enveloping asparagas the size of a baseball bat.
plus the cold canapes that I cannot recall,this was right after the ceremony. The entire event took place at the same venue....we had the ceremony first then the cocktail hour, then dinner....They served us a main course , but really never ate it, we were visiting all of the guests....I know there was a poached salmon with a bernaise sauce, brocolli/ carrots, and spinach with a garlic oil preparation,then a seperate plate that they brought to the table empty, and then a heated serving cart with huge hunks of prime ribs that were freshly carved in front of you, plated with horseradish sauce, with some cottage fried potatoes, Fred Flinstone style! (my ex - father-in-laws idea), but pretty cool.

I then cut the cake, had a piece stuffed in my mouth and did not even gaze at the desert hour buffet..... which had all kinds of stuff... from chocolate mouse cake, to puff pastry with vanilla creme and every fruit combination in the people left, they were handed doggie bags of pastries that had not been eaten during the desert hour , as well as some wedding the time we all smoked tobacco........we had two gentlemen rolling cigars for the men and women as they left...

What was your experience?

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  1. We had a buffet. Here are the highlights of the main meal. I am sure I am forgetting a lot.

    Standing rib roast with yorkshire pudding, sliced to order
    Broiled/stuffed lobsters
    poached salmon with dill sauce
    statler chicken
    roasted white and green asparagus (hollandaise on the side)
    green beans almondine
    Some other green veggie? I can't remember
    2 or 3 kinds of potatoes
    2 kinds of rice
    traditional dinner rolls
    freshly made baquettes, still warm
    3 salads-caesar, mesclun with spiced nuts and dried fruit, traditional iceberg with cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and cukes

    apps were hot and cold. I remember mountains of shrimp cocktail, a complete raw bar with some guy doing nothing but shucking all night long, mini tarts in assorted flavors, hot cheese puffs…

    There were bottles of Moet on every table and an open bar with everything from wine/beer, traditional mixed drinks as well any cocktail or blender drink you could want.

    Crazy day and we left early. The stories we heard later with even crazier.

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      It would be fun to know where (city - area), the year, and wedding reception location foodiex2! Helps with all the comparing notes here:)

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        It was 1991 in Mass, near the cape. The place doesn't exist anymore.

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          I got married in Long Island , NY a Jewish temple...which still is thriving..
 reading many of the responses....It does bring back some things that I did not remember.....Chopped chicken liver, chopped egg with onion, potato pancakes with apple sauce....a delicious cream of brocolli soup, without cheese..

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            Where have you been? have not seen you lately......I know.....working!!!!!

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              Phreddy - glad we are both 'back'

              I know you were working, and I was s-i-c-k, then overworked...

              Hoping more people will post on this thread. Interesting!

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            Tell us about those "stories"...I assume it was thoses who stayed and got stuck at the bar!

          3. Married in 1971... VERY no-frills. Reception was at local firehall with "ladies auxilliary" doing the food/buffet. My Dad (nd future husband) made a run Delaware from SE PA for all the booze. Remember Dad askng if I had checked on the cake... the DAY BEFORE!! Said NO... if it wasn't there... he'd get his money back for sure.

            ABout 100 people, good time had by all... MAYBE $10 a head!

            1. We kept it simple, had a 7:30 wedding, so no dinner, just cake, cookies, punch, coffee in the church basement. Then went to my parents' house for a party afterwards, just family, and had salads, deli meats, buns. We had about 200 at the wedding. There were 3 that night with overlapping guest lists, earlier wedding, ours, then a dinner for the 3rd. People appreciated that they could just come for the wedding and then go to the other reception.
              oh yeah, 1981

              1. As I sit here waiting for my meatloaf and mashed potato dinner to finish cooking....

                We got married a year before you in 1977, and had a nice selection that everyone claimed was the best spread they'd ever seen, but of course we are talking the 1970s. This is Long Island so a catering hall was hired. We chose the DeLuxe Smorgasbod package, and guess how I know? I still have the wedding package price sheet (it was such a blur I would never remember any details otherwise) so here we go:

                Cocktail hour: Baked clams, stuffed mushrooms, chinese shrimp rolls, chicken livers with bacon, franks in a blanket, fried chicken, swedish meatballs and potato pancakes. Every ethnicity represented!

                Dinner, 2 hot carvings, we selected: Turkey sliced and placed on frame and honey baked Virginia ham.

                5 Hot Chafing Dishes: Lobster Newburgh, Shrimp Creole, Veal and Peppers, Coq au Vin Rouge and Beef Burgandy.

                On the side, cold platters and salads: Antipasta and tossed salad with dressings, stringbean and red beet salad, marinated herring with cream sauce, chicken liver mold, cold duckling with sauce, Bigarade roast beef, turkey and continental cheese platter

                Viennese Table: Italian pastries, eclairs, fruit tartlets, assorted pies, cheese cake with toppings, chocolate mousse, fruit jello, fruit salad au maraschino, cherries jubilee, french cookies, petits fours, with espresso or demitasse.

                This, with 5 hours of unlimited liquor and including gratuities and flowers/candles, lace tableclothes etc set us back $21.75 per person. It was a dollar more for Saturday night so we did the deed on Sunday instead! They had to refill the serving table five times or so they told us, both our families love to eat! It also included the wedding cake; I think we got something like chocolate with cannoli filling but really can't remember. Oh and they were connected with a very upscale hotel so we got the night there afterwards free. People definitely smoked throughout, but it wasn't 100% tabacco.

                Things are so different now, I'm waiting to hear about something more recent so I can compare!

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                  First was the meatloaf and taters?...secondly, I remember the magic number for my wedding, paid for by my in-laws and parents was $50 /head...200 persons...10GS...I thought it was crazy, because that could have been the down payment on my house!!!!
                  after much conversation, I did not want to take away the experience that they wanted for their kids.....none the less I had almost 10,000 save and bought the house anyway....
                  It was a great party....but I think the final tab was about $16,000 with the music, photos, out of town guests accomodations and the night before diner...

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                    The meatloaf was great, I finally have it nailed after all these years. The potatoes would have been great but husband wanted just a meatloaf sandwich, with cheese, just as well.

                    The only thing I remember is, is that everyone told me, what you paid for the wedding ( or should I say my parents) was what you would get: About $3,000 if I recall...somewhere like that. It was most of the down payment on our first house in Kings Park, which ended up a nice investment. $41,000, sold for 141,000 13 years later. My biggest financial coupe in this lifetime. A nice wedding gift in retrospect. My nana gave us $300, which was the airfare to fly down to Disney World for our honeymoon, she had about 15 other grandchildren so pretty generous I would say. I wasn't in it for the money, but you know how parents are.......

                2. I only married a few years ago in 2009. Mr. Huntress and I were friends who just decided to marry, so we did so quickly and in secret. We only had very, very close family and friends, which was excellent because we were able to go all out for food and drinks.

                  Basically we hired a small private room at a fine dining restaurant and told our guests to go nuts. I have no idea what we all ate and drank - I can't even remember what I had for a starter (there was a LOT of alcohol at our wedding, most of our guests had 2 day hangovers LOL), but I do remember I had a delicious paella and I couldn't manage dessert I was so full. Lots of champagne, loads of cocktails and scotch to finish. Once we finished eating and it was an even smaller group of us we decamped to a jazz club and drank martinis. It was an awesome day and we had a brilliant time. The general concensus has been that the 2 day hangovers were worth it. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, it really was the one of the best days of my life.

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                    Everyone told me not to worry, it would be the best day of my true!

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                      I actually met my wife when we were 4 1/2 years kindergarten....then took us 20 years to get about a long courtship....(not really we met up in again in college and the rest is history!)we were married for 27 years divorced, got back together and a year later she passed on...

                      1. re: PHREDDY

                        Wow that is quite a story, sorry for your loss.

                        1. re: coll

                          Thank you, but as it has been told to me...look forward, and keep moving.

                          1. re: PHREDDY

                            That is a very romantic story Phreddy.I know it is sad too but it is also very sweet and a testament to love:)

                        2. re: PHREDDY

                          That is quite a story! I hope you shared many happy times together and you have lovely memories. I too, am sorry for your loss.