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Feb 16, 2013 12:58 PM

Italian in N.O.

Would love to hear fellow Chowhounds' opinions on Italian (both Northern/ 'Trendy' and Traditional) restaurants. Not interested in predominantly Pizza restaurants. We love Domenica's, but would like to try someplace new on our upcoming trip. Thanks!

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  1. Irene's Cuisine in the French Quarter is a solid choice.

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      I found Irene's disappointing. With a reservation, we still had to wait a half hour. The menu did not offer many options: people looking for Italian pasta dishes will not find much on offer here. As seems to be the norm in New Orleans, there were no vegetarian options. The ravioli appetizer we ordered had a nice sauce but only 3 small ravioli. I ordered a chicken and rosemary dish: there was no chicken breast, just a wing and a couple of drumsticks. The sauce for the chicken was too salty and the chicken itself was not especially good meat.

    2. Maximo's is one of my favorites in the Quarter, ask for a seat at the counter and watch Thomas work his magic. Mandina's is another of my regular places. 1179, not been in a while but Joe S. is an old-time classic.

      1. If you have access to the Northshore, Sal & Judy's. Also Sal's brother runs Impastato's in Metarie. Avondale has Mosca's. All great!!!

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          These are all N.O. standard red sauce places, good for what they represent.
          The trendy place on the north shore is Del Porto, worth the trip. Another is Nuvolari's.
          I have not eaten at Gios Villa Vancheri but went there one recent evening to check out the menu as the web site was not working. That place had the best aroma of any restaurant ever and is now at the top of the list for the next Italian night out.

        2. We enjoyed Italian Barrel.

          1. Northern Italian is trendy? Well...Andrea's claims to be Northern (and Creole/American) Italian, but it's kind of the opposite of trendy. Also, Vincent's for Creole Italian.

            For more contemporary I like A Mano (central/southern focus).

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              Having lived in Milan for a year I can attest to the fact that Andrea's serves really decent Northern Italian cuisine. At least as authentic as you will find in New Orleans, that is. Their osso bucco is quite good and they have several fine scallopine dishes. And a fair wine list. But it's not cheap.