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Feb 16, 2013 12:34 PM

Knorr Vegetable & Leek Soup Mixes

i was wondering if someone has mixed these 2 items together to form a soup? I probably could make something up i guess (i do not have a stomach) so i have to create all kinds of soups/broths to eat by mouth & it just seemed that maybe someone out there has already done this...if so, please let me know...ty so much:)

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  1. Hi Gibbs. Although I haven't mixed the two, I have had both. You might try making two separate pots and, when ready, mix half a cup of each in a bowl and give it a shot. It you like it and your body tolerates it, mix both pots together and bag and freeze what you can't eat. Bon Appetite and good luck.


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    1. re: caiatransplant

      ty so much Pat...i will definitely try it that way...i think it might make a really good cream soup...i will certainly let you know:)

      again, thanks a lot Pat


    2. rgibbs, when you say you have no stomach, what exactly do you mean? Colonoscopy bag?

      A friend of mine made intensely flavored stocks for her friend with a C-bag. Beef, chicken, ham, lamb. Chilled, they were like Jell-O cubes. Warmed, they were the essence of each individual protein, a delicious mouthful to savor before swallowing.

      You might want to post on the special diet board as well.

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        i had to have my stomach totally removed in 1/2000 and i have a feeding tube (J-tube if all stomach removed) in my left side & into the small bowel...not to be confused with peg-tube which is the tube u get in if you still have part of the stomach..i have to take a special canned food through the tube but i still eat by mouth but basically i eat out of a coffee cup i do make my own chicken broth but i have never made ham or lamb (never have eaten lamb) but i have not tackled beef stock...i would sure like to know their recipes on how they made it into cubes..that would be better for me than filling ziplock bags..with respect to a colonoscopy-that is the test they do to check for cancer & i have had my share of those too...most likely here soon i am gonna have to have a colostomy (which is the bag..i know it is gross) but i am losing muscle/nerve function with regards to the bowels now..i am just trying to find new soups to make or stocks...could u please maybe get the recipes that your friend makes? i would really appreciate it & again, ty so much for this info...the special diet board-is that on Chow?


        1. re: rgibbs320

          Hi again, Gibbs:

          (Sorry - I watch too much NCIS, I guess). As to stocks, if you first make them, then reduce by half by boiling (or simmering without a lid), the flavors intensify. Cool the stock then pour into ice cube trays (if you're using a current day fridge with freezer, you might actually have to BUY ice cube trays - progress - go figure . . .). If the stock is sufficiently rich, it will gel in your fridge. Or you could put the trays in the freezer until you have a mess of cubes, then dump them in a plastic bag and back in the freezer - voila - stock cubes! You could then use them, several at a time for soup base, with rice instead of water, etc. Beef stock is great - buy a bunch of beef bones from your local butcher, crack them, put in the oven on a cookie sheet (lined with foil), and roast for about an hour at 400 degrees. When done, dump in stock pot and make as you would chicken broth. Be sure to skim.
          Good luck, PAT

          1. re: caiatransplant

            ty again Pat...i do have one of those "current day" fridges (i like that..never heard it put that way) & i should have being from the south...but i do make my own chicken stock & freeze it in zip lock bags but it probably would be better in ice cube trays; but i have never made the beef stock yet..i really appreciate the info on the beef bones & i will be sure to ask the grocer that i purchase my meat from to save me the bones; i guess i may have gotten a little lazy since Knorr has come out with their new stock in the small is pricey but boy is it good...thank you again Pat & if you hear of any more good soup recipes or even anything i might like, please let me know..could you let me know also about the special diet board...i cannot find it or maybe i am looking in the wrong place:)

          2. re: rgibbs320

            Thanks for correcting me, Robin. Yes, I meant colostomy.

            The direction calatransplant gave you for beef broth is perfect. Put whatever vegetables you like in the pot. Roast them or saute them before adding the water. I think it makes the broth tastier. And you're going to strain them out anyway.

            Some people don't care for lamb, and since you've never had it, go there carefully! Most folks wouldn't make ham broth, but it's as close to a bite of ham as my friend's friend can have. Make it very concentrated as calatransplant says and savor each sip. You can skim the fat after chilling (ham and lamb are generally very fatty).

            Also, I can suggest from personal use the Imagine brand of organic soups, No Chicken Broth being my favorite. For a vegetarian broth, it is very rich and might be a change from meat based.

            Also, FYI, if you do need to buy ice cube trays, I had a hard time finding them at Target or KMart when looking in the kitchen supplies aisle. Check the section where they stock plastic wrap and Gladware things.

            Now, do we need to talk about fruity popsicles or granita? Kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon.....

          1. re: C. Hamster

            ty C. Hamster...i will definitely check this out:)

          2. Well, if you can stomach a recipe after the above threads, here we go.

            Add the two together with yogurt or sour cream, let sit for a couple of hours, and it turns into a nice chip dip. Add cream to thin.

            Cool down please. I am not making light of any medical condition, and there but for the grace of God go I. But I am such a terrible punster, I have to act whenever I have the chance.