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Feb 16, 2013 12:07 PM

Only 4 days, could use some help.

Get in mid afternoon Tuesday staying at the Roosevelt. Only my 2nd trip and my wife's 1st. Could use some help/thoughts on our schedule so far.

Happy hour Luke
Dinner at Domenica or Herbsaint

Lunch at Cochon
Dinner at Couquette

Lunch at commanders palace
Dinner La Petite Grocery followed by Soul Rebels at le bon temps roule which I believe is right down the street.

Lunch we are trying to find the best shrimp or oyster poboy we can. Thoughts?
Dinner Revolution or restaurant August?

Looking for a good breakfast and then off to the airport.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Jägerhaus has a very nice breakfast right accross from the Prince Conti hotel veg creps to die for nice house champane and very reasonable.Cochon vg very casual- if
    you want to kick up lunch Bayonna? Went down last year from Pittsburgh just to see Soul Rebels good but not there A game at Bon Temps. Kermit Ruffins usually plays somewhere on Thur night but cancels a lot. Check for shows around New Orleans