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Feb 16, 2013 10:21 AM

Dinner Restaurants for Saturday night

Hi Chowhounders, I am visiting Phoenix with a group of friends. We are looking for a fun place for dinner tonight. Party of 6-8 Not anything very pricy. Mexican would be a good choice if there is a bar. Bur really, any place with a little atmosphere and good food would do. Also a place that can accommodate us easily. We had dinner at the Phoenix City Grill last night where we shouldn't have bothered to make a reservation. Waited 45 minutes for a table and longer than that for the food, which arrived cold. We are staying very close to the intersection of E. Bethany Home Road and N Central Avenue if that helps with locations.
Thanks foray help.

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  1. Richardson's right up the street at 16th and Maryland, just north of where you ate last night. Can be a little pricey, but get there for happy hour and you score inexpensive small plates. Or Arriba on Camelback is mexican. Good straight up sonoran style. they can be pretty cheese heavy though, so watch your cholestral if you go there. Also neighborhood Mexican place near you with great tequila selection, Via de Losantos at Dunlap and Central. fun place, very casual. Sierra Bonita on 7th or Barrio Cafe would also be options.