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Feb 16, 2013 10:18 AM

Lesson learned

Always remove the top of a jar to make sure the inner seal is intact
We bought a jar of PB at Walmart and when we opened it a few days later, found that the seal had been broken and 2 finger tracks were left on the surface. We returned it yesterday with no problem.

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    1. That's so nasty. The brands of PB (and almond butter) I buy don't have an inner seal. They're glass jars with that shrink-wrapped plastic seal around the outside of the lid so it's easy to tell when it's been broken.

      I had to return a vitamin supplement to CVS last night because I didn't realize when I grabbed it off the shelf that it was missing the outer AND inner seals. No finger tracks, but who knows what some lunatic could have done to the contents.

      1. did it ever occur to you that the next person (perhaps the one who actually purchases the item) who opens that jar that you've already opened will now have a compromised seal and has no idea that you just opened it to look or smell?

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          I think you've misunderstood my post. I learned to make sure the inner seal is intact before I buy it rather than wait until I get home to find that the jar has been tampered with.