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Feb 16, 2013 10:04 AM

Eating Challenges

Are their any restaurants around Dallas that offer eating challenges like the ones featured on Man vs Food?
Anyone ever tried them?

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  1. there's one in amarillo (not exactly close ...) i believe ... are you talking eat the huge steak get it free?

    1. Bistro B in Garland has something with a giant bowl of Pho. I heard that they just cook it super hot to stack the deck a little.

      1. The Bistro B challenge is absolutely ridiculous. The bowl could be an infant's bathtub. The noodles soak up all the broth about 20 minutes into the challenge. Looking at the bowl, you don't feel like you've made any progress by the time you feel like don't want pho for the rest of the year.

        There are also two challenges in Denton at Rooster's Roadhouse. One is a spice challenge - ghost pepper sliders, and one is a quantity challenge - 18 sliders and an order of cheese fries. I didn't try the spice challenge, but a couple friends did. They were in serious discomfort for a while after that. I tried one of the sliders that was not finished and I couldn't imagine eating more than two or three. I think they reset the number of sliders for the challenge at the beginning of the year, so to get on the wall, you'll have a better shot earlier than later. I think the record when we were there was 9 hell-sliders in 18 minutes. I did try the quantity challenge. They are some delicious sliders, but I could only get to 12. The challenge seems doable, but you have to go fast. They only give you 30 minutes to finish.

        I've also read about an omelet challenge in Rockwall, but I've never tried it. Here's a story about it -

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          Good leads. Thanks.
          That omelet in Rockwall looks disgusting! :-)

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            Yes, it does look disgusting! And the obese man who attempted the omelette will be having some very serious health problems in the future if he doesn't already have them.

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              this is where you start to think French ideas about defining food terms are right on ...

          2. If memory serves I think I saw a 25 buffalo wing challenge featuring the "fire in the hole" sauce at Pluckers advertized somewhere. It's a chain and not a unique restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, but there were so many spicy wing challenges on Man V food I felt I should mention it.

            1. Fred's Downtown Philly Cheesesteak (multiple locations) has one. 5 lbs of meat with the bun in under a hour.