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Feb 16, 2013 09:15 AM

Miami - local places

I'll be in Miami, probably in South Beach area, two weeks from now for 4 days. I should have a car. Just looking for recommendations for Miami specialities in the hole in the wall or cheap local good eats type.

Any help would be appreciated. And some (but not all) vegetarian friendly places would be nice too, as my wife is that.

I'm going through the board, and the recs for the mid-high end places have been great. But need a little more help with the local/lower end places. Thanks.

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  1. In Sobe - no particular order
    My Ceviche
    The Alibi
    La Sandwicherie
    Puerto Sagua
    El Chalan

    There are some real bargains (fried chicken) at Joe's take out

    You might want to try Jugo Fresh for vegetarian (a bit pricey though but it is wildly popular) mostly juices, but they have some salads...

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Thanks. I was on the fence with My Ceviche but it's on the definite now. And you are right, Jugofresh seems like it's going to be a definite too. =(

      Are there any good food markets worth walking around? Maybe something near Versailles' neighborhood?

      Azucar is good too? Any other dessert/ice cream particular good?

      1. re: villainx

        A few more in addition to TP's suggestions for SoBe...

        A la Folie
        Ice Box (this is the dessert spot you want)

        1. re: Blind Mind

          The Freize is good for ice cream. Shake shack has some great custards and concretes too. PB Steak has some killer desserts (PB&J, Apple Pie, French Toast Sticks). Haven has Nitro Ice Cream (2 random flavors served daily). Sardinia has their take on nutella banana pancakes made with their flatbread instead of crepes (very rich but great).

          Indomania is more expensive than the other choices but the Rijsttafels are a great bargain -- they even have a vegetarian one which might kill 2 birds with one stone (without eating the birds, of course).

          I actually like otentic a bit more than Folie. But folie is good and well priced.

          1. re: Blind Mind

            Thanks. I can hardly wait to explore the South Beach and Miami generally.

            Ice Box, Indomania, The Freize, Jugofresh, and My Ceviche sounds perfect.

            Am I missing anything aside from Azucar, The Frieze, and Amore Gelato for good ice cream type. Or any of the three could be replaced? I'm a big fan of local interpretations of ice cream.

            1. re: villainx

              Dolce Vita gelato - locations in South Beach, Normandy, and Coconut Grove.

        2. re: tpigeon

          I like My Ceviche, La Sandwicherie, and Puerto Sagua and all were delicious!

        3. I love the area around Domino Park at SW 8th St. and 15th Ave. The scene at Domino Park is unique with the tables filled with mostly older Cuban exiles playing the game they love. El Exquisito at 1510 SW 8th St. is a Cuban sandwich shop/restaurant with good low priced fare. Azucar across from the Tower Theater is great for tropical flavor ice cream. Lots of cigar shops and some art galleries in the area. There is a tropical fruit market Los PiƱarenos Fruteria at 1334 SW 8th St. with some very interesting produce from Central America. They also serve tropical fruit drinks. There are lots of tourists in the area but do not let that deter you. An added bonus there is free parking in the back of the park.

          1. Anyone have any recommendations or comments on good food/fruit markets? And places to hit near there?

            Saturday will try to hit Coconut Grove Organic Farmers Market.

            And the Redland area during one weekday.


            1. Down in The Redland.....I would hit Robert is Here fruit stand....a legendary place owned by Robert Moehling and his family.....All kinds of fruits for sale....and their milkshakes are worth the trip......Palm Drive (SW 344 Street) and Tower Road (SW 192nd Ave).....Touristy....but GREAT!.....Meet Robert while you're there! (Big guy with beard and glasses).....He's been selling fruit and veggies there since he was 8 years old....and he's older than me now...

              Robert is Here!

              Ft. Pierce, FL

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              1. re: LargeLife

                Knaus in the Redlands is great too as is La Camaronera on Flagler and El Morro Castle.