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Feb 16, 2013 08:11 AM

Need Korean BBQ Recommendation in Flushing

Hey, I live in Flushing, right off Northern Blvd & I'm constantly seeing Korean BBQ places, some stay, some go...which ones are really good? I went to San Soo Kap San a few months ago and really liked it.


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  1. Mapo BBQ on 41 Ave is high quality.

    1. Picnic Garden at 149th and Northern is a great affordable 'raw' buffet cook at your table joint. Good stuff!

      1. Mapo is a good rec

        for sam gyup sal, you might want to try han joo (which i just reviewed) or ham ji bach next door; both are quite good

        1. Mapo is great. As is Jang Tuh Sutbulgui.
          Tong Samgyeop Gui has delicious pork belly and you get the fried rice at the end, but I preferred the actual pork belly at Hahm Ji Bach. They cure it I think, and so it's more tender and flavorful. I just wish they offered the bokkumbap!

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            oh yah jang tuh is a good rec as well