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Feb 16, 2013 07:53 AM

Carnivore Alert: Le Flamboire in the 9th has serious stuff.

Le Flamboire, 54, rue Blanche in the 9th,, closed Sunday (Metro: equidistant from Blanche and Pigalle) opened 2 January and was, according to its genial patron, master rotisseur and host, Jean-Yves Chesneau, only discovered by Francois-Regis Gaudry 2 weeks later when he stumbled out of the horrible 2 inch snow (take that Colorado and Siberia) and wrote it up in L'Express Styles.
Vegans, vegetarians and others with serious concerns about their arteries, despite the three crustacean and fish dishes, should probably avoid it, but for those of us who will believe in Fame's "I'm gonna live forever," this is Carnivore-Central - right up there after Severo, Bis, Les Quilles, Le Meating, etc, etc.
The product is superior - and we tried the beef, lamb and pork - the welcome, decor and bla bla (it's just a few meters from the Cafe Blabla BTW) warm and the cooking to your taste - and we three all ordered stuff differently cooked - from raw (me) to OK (the junior he).
The firsts and desserts were more than you'd expect in a pure meat place and the clientele, until the NYT figures it out - all local.

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