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Mar 28, 2006 11:53 AM

Up Town Cafe (Sacto) Good Eats

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In search of good Liver and Onions I was led to the
Up Town Cafe, 1121 Del Paso Blvd. O'boy, O'boy, O'boy!

Cooked as requested, medium rare, HOME MADE mashed potatoes with real potatoe chunk's in them, (I mean not potatoe flakes friends) onions that were cooked delish...

Ok, canned green beans but you just work around them. Beer and wine (out of a big bottle I'm sure) It was a great Liver and Onions lunch. They have a daily special, pot roast on Monday, and what looks like a great breakfast. They have lot's of sandwitches, e.g. Pastrami, Rubins etc. etc. etc... Someone sitting close was eating a Chicken Fried Steak that look damn good. Someone else was having the Steak & Eggs breakfast that also good very good.

I highly recommend this place. I'll be going back soon.


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  1. I've passed by there often and have wondered what delights must be there. It always seems busy. Thanks for the report, I'll have to try it.

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    1. re: Tracy L.

      So here's the update on Uptown, I revived an old thread as Robert had mentioned it before. O'boy, o'boy, o'boy! and a few OMGs thrown in about sums it up. Some amazing choices are to be had, they have creative and traditional sandwiches, eggs and all kinds of wonderful sides like, bratwurst or pork chops or chicken fried steak, etc. They even have an option of grits instead of potatoes. The aforementioned daily specials sounded equally enticing (roast beef w/marsala, OMG & o'boy!) as was the eggs benedict options on Saturday. I almost ordered the chicken fried steak until I saw the Double Decker Monte Cristo Sandwich on the menu. It comes with fries, onion rings, potato salad or green salad. Considering it was a double decker I ordered the salad, besides I wanted to enjoy my sandwich on its own. It is by far the best sandwich I have had in a long time. It was a cheesey, smokey, eggie tower of goodness. The top deck had swiss cheese and ham grilled to well carmelized perfection. The lower deck had grilled turkey. The bread was eggie and not at all soggy. I was so consumed by the sandwich and visa versa that I forgot to take a picture! The ambience is great too. It consists of a small, homey, cozy dining room with about 8-10 4 tops and a patio with two picnic tables, it may have been bigger but I didn't investigate further as my stomach told me to choose the dining room. Another apsect to the ambience was the kitchen, though everyone was busy, they still managed to laugh a lot and have a good time, which really added to experience.

    2. Robert:
      It has been a long time since I've "seen you" on the board. Glad to see that you are still around. Wow-- maybe this place will fill my breakfast void since Zen Toro closed a week ago. I'll give it a try. Sounds delish!

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      1. Oh yeah, almost forgot, you'll love the uptown cafe. Excellent food, funky place. Very broad range of old fav diner food. Enjoy!


        1. re: Roberto

          can you post directions for stopping off, coming up through Sacto Fri noonish. Up 5 to 80 towards Truckee.

      2. Robert's still around (look for Roberto), now that he is retired he has a lot more time to eat! He actually reviewed this place last March, I was there and enjoyed the navy bean soup since I had just had my braces adjusted. It was pouring down rain, but they still had a very good patronage. Very interesting location, Del Paso Blvd. is a bit of a trip back in time.

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        1. re: KatMom

          I agree about the Monte Cristo experience...and the eggs...ANY way you want them...are great. But...I watched a young dude mixing the potato salad one morning 4 weeks ago...he dropped a piece from his mouth into the bowl and he just kept stirring. Eeewwwww.....

          Anyhoo...they'll also chop up a banana for you for take-out.

          1. re: jennyfur

            Eeeeewwww for sure. Ugh. I will have to check out the liver and onions. My DH hates em so I never cook them. See you guys around Sac sometime.