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Gobi Manchurian pizza at the former Dosa Temple

I mocked the idea of Dosa N Curry (formerly Dosa Temple) in Somerville changing their menu to include pizza. I thought it would be some odd juxtaposition of their quite good vegetarian Indian with typical bad take-out Italian-flavored pizza, but I take it all back.

DnC is offering pizzas with Indian ingredients, not Italian. We tried the Gobi Manchurian pizza last night and really liked it. The dough was decent but how good the Indian flavors/toppings were on pizza was the real surprise. Slightly spicy/tangy tomato-based sauce, with the pleasant roasted and fried cauliflower, little hits of ginger, garlic and cilantro.

For some reason, their restaurant website does not have the pizzas listed, but the foodler menu does.

Also, I should note that I called about the pizza and the guy who answered the phone basically said I had the wrong number, then called me back saying he misunderstood.

Excited to try the other flavors...It was kinda awesome.

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  1. Paneer Tikka pizza? Holy crap! I'm sold on trying it.

    1. How would you describe the cheese on there?

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        It was mozzarella - nothing out of the ordinary. We were about 20 minutes late picking up, so it had solidified a bit, but was still good. Will check back in when we get a fresh pie again.

      2. Actually, that menu sounds really good, and I expected to roll my eyes. About how big are the pizzas?

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          The Foodler menu says 16 inches.

          1. I tried the curry leaf pesto, and cannot wait to try the gobhi manchurian. Am hoping it has some of the heat of the gobi 65 app!

            The curry leaf pesto pizza was topped with mozzarella, portobello, red onion, pistachios and some magical blend of spices. Full-on delicious, though the dough was a little soggy, perhaps from having steamed in the box in an overly-long, traffic-plagued drive back to Cambridge. That said, my car still smells fantastic!

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              Our pizza was a little spicy, but not very. I bet they will give you the full spicy version if you ask for it.

            2. Couple of updates -

              The new website is up - http://dosa-n-curry.com

              And we recently had the palak paneer pizza...it was great.

              Fresh spinach, homemade cottage cheese, roasted garlic, onion, mozzarella.

              The mozz was nicely toasty and the paneer and spinach made for great toppings. Definitely enjoying this fusion of toppings - sort of addictive.

              1. We tried the Roasted Eggplant and Palak Paneer pizzas last night. The eggplant was very flavorful (the "curry leaf pistachio pesto" is fab) but also very oily. The palak paneer was quite nice, with lots of rich flavor added by the roasted garlic and onions.

                Since their menu said pizza was not available for dine-in we took it to a friend's house for consumption. There was some preparation delay and it was cool and slightly soggy by the time we ate it. Even with those bobbles I'm looking forward to trying more flavors next time we can work out the logistics. Perhaps they'll eventually offer pizza for dine-in, where it would come out hotter and fresher.

                1. Just wanted to bump this thread - have had a few more pizzas from DnC and I think they have improved - saucier, more pizza-like. We had the Super Sabji the other night - a little pricey at $19 (incl. tax) - has broccoli, green peppers, olives, onions, mushrooms, halapenos, fresh cilantro, ginger, garlic, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese.

                  The tomato was a deep maroon color, the color consistent with the rich flavors. The veggies were plentiful but balanced. The middle was a little floppy but a veggie pizza will be that weighted down. This does not offend me.

                  Just have to say that I really taken a liking to putting Indian flavors onto a pizza.

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                    That sounds amazing! i've had their palak paneer pie a couple times and loved it.

                    i wish they weren't take-out only, as it would probably lessen the sogginess problem. i wonder if you could ask them to bake it 'well done'?