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Feb 16, 2013 07:35 AM

Arethusa Farm "milk the way it used to taste"--MMMM-HMM! :)

This milk is EXCELLENT! Have you tried it?

Picked it up at Whole Foods last week for the first time. Even my mom, who is not a milk drinker, immediately said, "That's how milk used to taste."

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  1. Hmm, looks like they make mozzarella too. Did ya notice if WF stocks it?

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      I didn't, but I'll try to remember to look next time I go. :)

    2. They're the Manolo Blahnik guys - they started the farm as a hobby or tax shelter or something, and it's really taken off. Occasionally the farm hosts sample shoe sales, too.

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        What a hoot--sample shoe sales and clean tails conditioned with Pantene! :) This looks familiar now that you posted.

      2. Partners Yurgaitis and Malkemus are good neighbors here in the county. I believe they had originally owned the property across the raod fromtheir current location, and then decided to the big farm to preserve it, expanding it to become a real agricultural showplace. They are reputed to own the three top dairy cows in the US, Jersey, Gurnsey and Holstein, and care for them in pristine barns. They offer tours of the facility on Saturday afternoons by reservation.

        A couple of years ago they purchased the old firehouse in the Bantam section of Litchfield which they converted into their dairy where they make their several varieties if cheese and ice creams. Locally several of the cheeses are available in the stores but only basic flavors of ice cream. Special flavors I understand you can only get at the dairy.

        The partners are also supportive of agriculture in the area. On several occasions they've taken groups of our FFA (Future Farmers of America) students from our local vo-ag school to compete in dairy catte judging in Europe.

        A couple of years ago I took a hands on cheese making course taught by the Arethusa Farm dairy plant mgr given as an adult ed course through the local vo-ag school. The course will be given again this year on 3-14-13. Further info is at www.woodburyffa.org click on class offerings and scroll down to 3-14. Besides making, there is a lot of tasting of many types of cheeses.

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          How cool is that--ALL of that?! Let's hear it for the Land of Steady Habits!

        2. Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm has been selling RAW Jersey Cows milk for about 10 years now. IMHO this is the way milk should taste. They sell it at Farmers Markets and a few locations around the state. They are one of only a few Raw Milk Dairies in Ct. From what I understand they are inspected and tested every week by the USDA.
          They also make cheese, gelato and a bunch of other stuff.


          1. WF only has selected items- like whole milk and chocolate milk. Their store in Bantam is great- cheese, ice cream, yogurt etc. Have also been to the farm and seen the cows. Got hooked on them after seeing them at the Big E.

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              Lucky you! It is hands-down my favorite milk in Connecticut.