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Feb 16, 2013 07:14 AM

looking for vg Thai tonite - Westchester

heading on up to Portchester this evening. Would love to dine in town and I'm coming up from the Jersey shore. Know it's late - anyone with a rec that doesn't have me travelling to Greenwich or Larchmont - on second thought, if it's along Boston Post Road (that should be ok)

See, I'm old school and could care less about GPS etc. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not a good area for Thai. I'm not aware of any in PC. I know there is one on Post Rd. on Mamaroneck/Larchmont border, but it has changed identities since I was last there and I can therefore not say anything about quality -- tho I noticed a passing negative word about it in a recent posting of some sort.

    1. Little Thai Kitchen and Thai basil in Greenwich are pretty decent, don't think you'll find anything better in the area. LTK may be a better option as it's closer to PC and not at the bottom of greenwich ave. Also, although not technically Thai, Penang Grill is always a solid choice and has thai dishes

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        Thanks folks. Surprised as I saw an old thread (it wasn't very promising) and would've hoped that suburban Westchester would have something better as of this current date - if it's' any consolation, it's a tough 'come by' as well in my suburban enclave.

        I'm going to just prepare an early dinner (at home) and will travel to the Captiol Theater tonite sans gastro - how bout this then.....Best bars in and around the Theater?

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          Are you married to the idea of thai food? Because port chester has some very good dining options other than thai

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            Might have room for an app with a cocktail at this time Ice Cream - as per my latest post.

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            Great drinks at BarTaco, fun drinks at Sam's, classy wine drinks at Tarry Lodge, Coals has interesting artisanal beers...

          1. Not too many great Thai restaurants around here.Thai House in Ardsley is very good. Not many know about it, so it's never super busy. In the village of Ardsley. Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.