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Feb 16, 2013 06:47 AM

Visiting Irvine for a couple of days.. any must eat places?

I am going to Irvine for a couple of days and I am looking for some must eat places. I am open to any type of food. Not sure what seafood is like around there, but if there are any great seafood places that would be my top pick.

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  1. My favorites are

    Chong Qing Mei Wei and Tasty Noodle House for Chinese. Both have delicious fish dishes

    Jinya or Iroha for ramen (Costa Mesa)

    Ole Spain Delishop on Tues/Fri has the most amazing paella (Santa Ana)

    Wholesome Choice market and a few other bakeries nearby sell fresh baked sangak flatbread

    there's the kickin/boiling crab restos in Santa Ana

    California Fish Grill is pretty good.

    Have fun and if you want other to branch out of the Irvine area and explore other places in OC just post on here and I'll hook you up

    1. We live in Irvine, and although there are some good spots here, by far the best restaurant in the area is not in Irvine, but 10 minutes away in Costa Mesa. Marché Moderne at South Coast Plaza is certainly one of the best restaurants in southern CA. It was just reviewed in the OC Register and was referred to as the best French bistro in the entire state. I'm not sure that's true, but it is without a doubt the best French restaurant in OC. They have wonderful fish, and would be on anyone's short list of "musts" for OC.