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Feb 16, 2013 06:42 AM

La Cita, Cherry Hill -- any experiences?

I posted this on the Jersey board, but it seems we get more discussion of South Jersey places on the Philly board. So I'm hoping someone here might have tried this place.

La Cita on Route 70 has some great reviews on Yelp for inexpensive and delicious Mexican food. But I'd like some 'Hound experiences, if anyone's tried it yet.

My daughter has requested Mexican for her birthday dinner on Sunday. She's turning 12 and I'm working on building some Chowish values. Given the choice, she said she'd rather try something different at a little restaurant than just get the same "typical" stuff at a chain. Brings a tear to my eye! ;)

Given finances, we don't eat out very often, so I'd like to make this a treat. So I'd love any feedback from anyone who's been there.


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  1. I tried this place a week ago. My son (4 years old) and I stopped in real quick to pick up some tacos. We split the order 3 tacos- chicken, chorizo, carne asada. Very authentic and delicious. Not too far down the road in Westmont, right near the Pourhouse, is Guadalupena which is very authentic and gets great reviews. La Esperanza in Lindenwold is great as well, is not a chain and have a liquor license for the adults. All I would consider can't miss. Namaste.

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      Also in Westmont is La Guadalupana Mexican Restaurant. it's a "hole in the wall" cash only type of place with authentic food.

      150 Haddon Ave
      Westmont, NJ 08108
      (856) 858-1414

    2. Just ate at La Cita for the first time last night and was really impressed. The service was excellent. This place is really Mexican, not Tex-Mex. Very reasonable. The only meh was the chicken pipian my husband ordered. The sauce was OK, but the boneless chicken breast was too thin and too dry.

      First, we got homemade chips with a thin smattering of refried beans and a drop of crumbled white cheese. If you're looking for loaded chips, you won't like this, but if you want to really taste the chips, you will. It was served with 2 delicious salsas, one a really fresh tasting green and the other a red, hot sauce with some creaminess to it. Next we shared a taco with tongue and a squash blossom quesadilla, both, again, very Mexican and not gushing with ingredients. The entrees are offered with soup or salad. We opted for the tortilla soup. It's a bit different than tortilla soup I've had elsewhere. There was no chicken and it was quite tarte with really crispy tortilla chip strips that stayed crispy to the bottom of the cup. Delicious. My entrée was a shrimp molecajete, a messy, rich stew with lots of stringy cheese.

      We were too stuffed for dessert. BTW, it's BYOB. Most people had wine, but we brought beer. We will definitely go back since it is quite convenient after shopping at Cherry Hill, a lot of value for the buck and yes, authentic, imo.