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Feb 16, 2013 05:22 AM

Price and Convenience isn't Everything: D'Angelo's Butcher Shop: Bison

Parking is tough, but I snagged one nearby, and it was worth it.

Thanks to a tip from CH's here, I was able to get the bison tongue
I was longing for. And, when I asked about ground bison, the butcher
(duh, didn't even ask his name) pulled out a huge slab of gorgeous marbled bison, and asked me how much. Haven't seen that before.
He deftly cut off a slab that was a tad over 2 pounds, trimmed it a bit,
cut it into chunks and fed it through a huge grinder in front of me.

Same price, but oh, what a difference in the taste and texture of the meat. Same $9/pound, but this was worth it. No more pre-packaged
ground bison for me if I can help it, or meat that has been sitting around
for a bit either.

Actually, I would be willing to pay more to have REAL ground beef instead of what passes for it in markets. Thank you, CH's for a great
tip. I also got some bison rib steaks from D'Angelo's freezer that
I can't report on yet, but they looked great.

((Don't be put off by paucity of meat in the case. Most is kept in the back, and brought out by request))

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  1. Enjoy it while you can. Apparently D'Angelo's may not be around much longer:


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    1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

      Read the last paragraph of the story.. the family has decided not to sell the building for the time being..

      "He caught them just in time.

      Then over the weekend, it appeared another last-minute reprieve was in the offing. D'Angelo reported that a new family vote had tipped the scales, for now at least, against an immediate sale of the building.

      The 100-year saga of D'Angelo Bros. would have another chapter after all."

      1. re: cwdonald

        Thanks for the correction. I read it a long time ago and forgot the details.

    2. That butcher is Sonny D'Angelo for sure! If you go on a week day around 3 or 4 parking isn't so hard (or if you happen to need something from the rite aid a short block away!)

      1. For ground beef you may want to try Cappucio's, at 9th and Kimball. I haven't bought ground beef there, but at least half of the time when I buy sausage they pull out the pork, chop it up, and make the sausage to order.

        Also, for parking, try the Philadelphia Municipal lot on 8th St South of Carpenter (enter from 8th or Passyunk ave). Free 2 hr parking. Often crowded on weekends but there's pretty rapid turnover.

        1. Nothing beats freshly ground meat.

          Do yourself a favor. If you have a mixer, get the meat grinder attachment. Try burgers made with once ground meat just before cooking them. Failing a mixer, cut your meat into chunks and pulse it in the processor. It also gives you control over what cut you use, which improves the flavor.