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French Fries!!!!!

I admit it, I'm a french fry junky. I love them all: crinkle cut, natural cut with the skin on, steak fry, shoe string, you name it. As long as they're done well (and well done) and the oil isn't funky, I'm up for trying anything in fry-o-lated potato world. Sadly though, I can't seem to find any really great fried spuds in NJ. I'd love to hear any suggestions, but anything in North Jersey would be really appreciated.

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  1. I am a french fry lover too, but I really only eat them in my home out of my own fryer! I guess that is because I don't eat out a lot, but when I do I always get fries if I can, no matter the meal!

    Are you talking about restaurant fries or frozen cook at home fries in the New Jersey area? Didn't know if you were asking for store brand specifics that were offered in that area that are good or places that serve them hot and ready as a side. I know that I love Ore-Ida Steak Fries. They are the only ones I keep stocked in my house all the time. Crispy and creamy all at the same time. And they stay hot about 3 times as long as thin fries do, which is a must to be. Even a warmish fry won't do.

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      Thanks for the detailed reply, but I was really looking for NJ restaurant recommendations.

    2. Bucu Burger in Paramus Rte 4 West, great fries. Choice of shoestring or rough cut w skins. Good stuff. Why dio restaurants use frozen anyway? (Fresh cut is CHEAPER!)

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        It is difficult to maintain consistency for many small operators cooking fresh fries. The percentage of starch and moisture change from batch to batch of potatoes and with the time of the year. Most large establishments contract with large distributors to ensure consistency...

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          Plus.. a lot of the time the double fry technique at two different temperatures produces a better fry, so you have to have both your fryers at different temps and training for the staff becomes an issue depending on what "level" of restaurant we are talking about.

          but yeah.. buying a case of frozen fries is much more expensive than buying a case of potatoes and even the labor to cut and soak them isn't too costly.. but its the time, convenience and consistency which all come into play.

          Jersee Boys Pizzeria in Keyport, makes a pretty decent homemade french fry. I wouldn't travel from North Jersey for it, but being that I live in the area, I quite enjoy them. And most of their $5 lunch specials come with them too.. an awesome deal.

      2. Rossi's in the Chambersburg section of Trenton. They're a thick cut steak fry, creamy, almost liquid in the center and crispy on the outside. They also make great homemade potato chips.

        1. I too love Fries. I find the fresh cut fries tend to lack good crunch. I know you were looking for a destination but I have an easy recipe for oven fries that come out almost as good as what you and I are looking for.

          Cut up some potatoes, season with salt liberally and toss in some oil until well coated.

          Take a sheet pan and heat it in the oven at 450. After 15 minutes or so, throw a couple of tablespoons of Olive oil or any oil, duck fat, bacon fat etc. Heat that up for about 3-4 minutes.

          Toss the prepped fries on the pan, you should hear a good sizzle indicating the oil was hot enough. Bake at 450 for 30 minutes before even looking in the oven. If they look like they are browning nicely, flip em and bake another 15 minutes or so or until the browness you prefer.

          This to me gets the closest to what I think a good ole NJ board walk french fry should be. Super easy too

          As fas as a destination, Five Guys has potential since they are fresh cut, but they are inconsistent. They employ the double fry method, sometimes they are great and other times, not so much.

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            Wouldn't salting the potatoes before cooking draijn the moisture out of them?

          2. Well fries are like burgers, women and pizza....everyone has their own personal preference.

            Have you ever tried the windmill cheese fries? They are pretty darn good!

            1. This recommendation may be driven mostly by the value, but the fries they serve at Costco always hit the spot. For $1.50, you get a meal sized portion, that are always piping hot. Granted they are frozen, and the coated variety,

              As far as a restaurant recommendation, that will require some more thought. I like them all as long as they are served fresh and hot.

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                I dont think I have ever seen french fries served at the Costco food counter.

                I would recommend Dave's Fries at English Town Auction, they are excellent.

                As for frozen fries, I think Nathans are the best. They sell 8 lbs of the them in a box at Costco for $7. Great Deal.

                I know this is not in Jersey, but I had some excellent fries at Capital Grill in Rockerfeller Center. Boardwalk style with parmesian and truffle salt.

                Now that I think about it, I might just have to have lunch there this week.


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                  They have french fries at the Bridgewater location, or at least they did a few months ago.

                  Today, I stopped into the Freehold location to get a few things, and noticed that they do not have them. I inquired as to whether they ever had them, and was told that they had never had them. So I guess it is not a standard item.

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                    They don't have them at the Wayne or East Hanover Costco either. I asked the Manager in East Hanover about it, and he said he's never heard of French Fries being served at any Costco snack bar, and as far as he knows, the menu is pretty much the same at all locations, but anything is possible. Which is true of course.

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                      Wikepedia notes that french fries are only offered at certain locations. You can see their nutritional information at:


                      I could not eat an entire portion.

              2. My favorite fries locally are at Jerry & Harvey's in Marlboro. Yes, it's a Jewish delicatessen. Make sure you get the shoestring fries. They are consistently excellent.. very thin, and crispy.

                FWIW, I had some great fries at Sciortino's Harbor Lights in South Amboy last night. In fact, they were the highlight of the meal for me. Family chose Italian. I'm half Italian on my mom's side, and I HATE Italian food.. so I had a cheeseburger and fries.

                1. Chee Burger Chee Burger also come to mind, they have good crispy fresh cut fries.

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                    For a burger chain, I prefer Red Robin's fries to Cheeburger. It's also bottomless, but I've never been offered a second helping and feel too greedy to ask. Another chain with good fries is Boardwalk Fresh. Worth stopping in for a cup to go without ordering anything else.

                    1. I love fries -- but only if they aren't battered in anything.

                      At the risk of sounding ridiculous, have you tried a 'Five Guys'? Don't even get withing 5 feet of the doors if you or family have a peanut allergy, but I think their fries are great. They also have cajun seasoned fries.

                      More local and less chain -- you might try the belgian style fries at Destination Dog in New Brunswick.

                      If you get to Philly try the belgian fries at Monk's.


                      P.S. Steakhouse 85 in New Brunswick has good shoestring and steakfries at a good price.

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                        I am going to try destination dogs. I have a groupon for them that expires in March. I will make sure to try the frys. Any recommendations on the dogs?


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                          Sorry Joe, I'm the wrong guy to ask. :)

                          My wife and I are both pescaterian (fish and veggie only in intent). They have a shrimp and alligator sausage I was going to try until I did some research and realized that alligators aren't as primitive as I thought.

                          I tried their 'sausage' and it's ..... OK?

                          At least they tried. It's not a tofu pup. I just found the texture unappealing, and it falls apart b/c their isn't a firm casing.

                          I wish they had a seafood only no other meat option. I think it would appeal in a college town. But they didn't ask me. ;)

                      2. I realize that the focus of the OP was North Jersey. Nevertheless, I'd just like to note a Shore spot that may be totally off the radar for most, but if you want great fries, it's worth being aware of. On 71, in Brielle, just south of Manasquan is a pizza place called "Jimmy's". The owner is the guy from the Chippy's French Fry places on various boardwalks over the years. Jimmy's serves the freshly made fries that you may recall from going to the beach. Upside - you can bring beer to enjoy with your bucket.

                        1. Not sure what you consider North Jersey, but in Flemington the Blue Fish Grill has the best ever fries. Shoestring, and seasoned with both salt AND sugar. Run, don't walk.

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                            I wouldn't really consider Flemington to be North Jersey, but I will certainly add your rec to my list of places to try. Thanks!

                          2. Another place that has come to mind is Jose Tejas. You can order fries in place of the black beans or jambalaya. The fries are very thin, a little crispy and almost always served hot. Get them along with their best dish, French Quarter Chicken, and you've got a great meal.

                            1. Any McDonalds has excellent French fries. Just make sure the one's you get are hot and they don't serve you ones that have been laying around for a while.

                              Unfortunately, the hamburgers at McDonalds leave much to be desired. But if you just want fries, your good there.

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                                McDonalds Fries????!!!! Aaargh. The ones with over 20 ingredients including milk powder? OMG.

                                Please, give me fresh cut, 100% potatoes for my fries!