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Feb 15, 2013 09:52 PM

Oh, Nonno

Have you ever driven by a place and written it off because of the location, or the storefront that don't look to promising, or simply just ignored it because you assume (and you know what they say about assume) it's not going to be very good. Yeah, right, I haven't either.

So a while back when I needed a pizza fast, I decide to try that unassuming, not to promising place in a semi-rundown, semi-seedy strip mall down the street from my house. What a surprise I got when I walked in to pick up the pizza. The restaurant inside was warm, cozy, nicely appointed and very busy. Who knew? Clearly everyone but me! The pizza turned out to be very good as far the best one within 5 miles of the house.

I've gone back to try some of their menu items and have not been disappointed. This is not cutting edge Italian, but neither is it the typical red-checkered tablecloth (which do not make an appearance here) Italian/American comfort food. The marainara is a bit too sweet for my taste (ymmv) and there are a few too many capers in the chicken piccata, but by and large, the food is fresh, prepared with care and tastes pretty darn good. This is not a destination restaurant, but it is a solid neighborhood one.

Pizza, subs and calzones at lunch, the menu morphs into pizza, pastas, salads and a few non-pasta entrees.

Nonno's Ristorante Italiano
5314 Baltimore Dr. (1/2 blk. north of Fletcher Parkway, behind the Omelette Factory)

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  1. These are places I like to try; unassuming, usually family run and they generally offer a menu for 'short money'.

    1. Thank you for a solid review DD!....:)) And (lol) as far as I am concerned, any place that serves good quality, well made food is a destination restaurant. Cutting edge, or neighborhood family fare, I love being wrapped in the beautiful social blanket created by the culture well made food.