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Feb 15, 2013 09:41 PM

Places with fairly healthy foods near south bay?

I've been trying to find healthy places to eat out at, and am having a hard time finding them. What are some of your favorite places to eat at when you just want to eat something that you know is healthy, light, fresh, while still delicious?

I live in the San Mateo area so places close to there would be preferred.

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  1. I've been wanting to try Garden Fresh Restaurant - it's a Chinese Vegan restaurant & from the website they have locations in Palo Alto & Mtn View:

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      I've tried Garden Fresh, it is quite delicious. The "meat" dishes really tastes like meat! The scallion pancakes were good too. Only problem for me is the location

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        I'm not a fan, but it might be right for "fresh centric". To me, it has very little taste, and I'd prefer upping other taste-enhancing methods if the salt is reduced. It certainly deserves a position on this kind of list --- and the PA location is OK only if you're already walking down University Ave. (I still miss Windy's).

    2. Downtown San Mateo has a few choices

      B Street & Vine - this is a cafe that specializes in salads and bruschetta, and also doubles up as a wine bar.

      Sun's Chinese cuisine - no MSG in the food. There's a steamed boneless fish they have here that's very popular and goes great with rice. Shrimp and cucumber dumplings, fish and chive dumplings. Lots of options in here.

      Little China Kitchen - American Chinese, also no MSG and they also have brown rice. More popular with non Chinese crowd

      Shabuway - Personal hotpot. Stick with kelp (seaweed) broth since I have no idea what's in the oily spicy version. You can opt for all vegetables, but the beef, pork, or lamb are delicious. Since you cook your own food and it is boiled, it's the healthiest option around.

      Central Park Bistro - light fare from salads to butternut squash soup type related food. Pick carefully and you will still find a decent meal

      Albayk - Turkish/Mediterranean. Good lamb, beef, chicken wraps/kebabs. Or you can go vegetarian here. Chicken probably is the healthiest meat option here. The salads are great, as are the hummus.


      Sesame Korean Restaurant (Burlingame) - galbi tang (short rib soup), soondubu (tofu stew), grilled fish, and a number of other good choices

      Town of Dumpling is pretty good if you like Northern Chinese dumplings (all boiled). Pork and cabbage, chive and shrimp, vegetarian, plus many other choices. Great comfort food.

      Urban Bistro (Burlingame) - affordable delicious American fare. Maybe not as healthy but the shortrib sandwich in tomato sauce is quite good, or you get a grilled salmon sandwich or salad. More of a sandwich and soup and salad like of place.

      With Chinese restaurants that stir fry their dishes, the secret to eating healthier (and tastier) is to ask for low salt and low oil (and no MSG).

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        Thanks, I've never tried asking for low salt/oil. I'll definitely give that a shot with the Chinese restaurants. Amazing list too! I've tried sesame korean restaurant once, it was pretty good and I could tell it was healthy.

      2. The menu at Chef Ma's in San Jose (at the Cupertino border) is emblazoned with “Less oil and less salt, no MSG, healthy food”. It offers up quite authentic Sichuan cooking. More info in this thread,

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