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Feb 15, 2013 08:45 PM

Can you return bad products to the store?

I love Wegman's but as i was noshing on a piece of texas-toast style Challah bread I noticed that the bottom of the slice was completely moldy. I checked out the bag of course to grab another slice and discovered that the entire bottom of the loaf is speckled with mold. Is it appropriate to return this product for a refund? it's interesting as when i was browsing the bread section I noticed that many of the sub rolls were moldy and I hesitated to mention something but couldn't find an employee around. I guess I should next time as I did not escape the fungus.

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    1. < Is it appropriate to return this product for a refund?>

      Yes, it is appropriate. Either a refund or an exchange. Good luck.

      1. Yes, but quickly.

        And 95 % eaten does not count.

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        1. re: SWISSAIRE

          I think that the status of "95% eaten" really depends on what you're talking about. I once got sushi from Whole Foods, and (as it happened) the last or second to last piece had a large bone in the sushi. Personally, I still felt justified in taking it back and Whole Foods had no problem giving me the refund.

          1. re: cresyd

            whole foods is another grocer with which i have had excellent experience in terms of their willingness to stand behind their products.

            (once at whole foods i saw a new item on the shelf and wondered out loud to the stocker whether or not the item would taste good. the stocker immediately took out his box knife, cut open the package and gave me a sample so i could decide whether i liked it or not BEFORE paying for the item and leaving the store.)

            1. re: SWISSAIRE

              "Hey, there WAS a roast beef sandwich in that wrapper, but I ate it all. It was not good, and I want a replacement, ASAP... " Yeah, right.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                I worked as a manager at Red Lobster for awhile and we got that all the time: diners wanted a refund despite the fact that the food was totally gone. Guess they kept taking another bite to be sure how bad it was? Unfortunately company policy was give them the refund anyway, and plenty of customers knew it!

                This was back in the 1980s though, so try it now only at your own risk!

                1. re: coll

                  Wow, That takes some kind of gall.

                  1. re: Violatp

                    And then they'd ask for lemons with their free glass of water and make lemonade with the sugar on the table, and tell you so when you asked it they wanted a beverage. AND leave a 25 cent tip. No kidding! I should start a thread on the "other side" of chain restaurants, although it probably already exists. Some of the stuff was pretty funny, actually.

                  2. re: coll

                    Waiter: How was your meal this evening?
                    Customer: It was terrible!
                    Waiter: Oh, I am so sorry <looking at the empty plates>
                    Customer: And the portions were small too!

                        1. re: masha

                          He stole the line then, that's an oldie but goodie.

                2. Definitely. I know my store here, which is owned by Kroger, actually asks people who complain on their Facebook page to return the product for a full refund, so I'm sure Wegman's would be the same.

                  1. If you purchased something that is bad, the store will reimburse you. Even the most modest grocery store will do that for you.

                    Have you had a problem with Wegman's before? They are so customer service oriented that I can't believe they wouldn't have fixed your situation immediately.

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                    1. re: Terrie H.

                      I've returned stale bird seed to a Wegmans with no questions asked. (It was a bag I had bought recently.)

                      1. re: sr44

                        Wegman's has one of the best customer service attitudes I've ever seen. I guess I was asking why she didn't just take it back like most of us would, rather than post on a website.