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Feb 15, 2013 08:44 PM

Trader Joe's shelf stable whipping cream

Have anyone else tried this? It's sold in an 8oz carton on the grocery shelf. The expiration date is May 2013. It is stored in the pantry and refrigerated for at least 6 hours prior to whipping up. It was cheap (can't remember the price) so I thought it was worth a try. Ingredient list is cream and carrageenan. Wiki said this ingredient is a stabilizer and thickener of mainly proteins.

Well, it whipped up nicely and tasted rich and creamy. Similar to whipped cream. I haven't quite passed my judgement yet. But, first bite I do like it. I'd like to hear other opinions about it. I'm not quite sure that I like the "fakey-ness" of it.

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  1. I read a review of it that said it wasn't that great as whipped cream but perfect for a savory dish that needed cream as an ingredient. I have it in the cabinet in case I need to do some kind of pasta with cream dish for a last minute meal.

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      That is exactly how they sell "cooking cream" in Europe, in small UHT containers (think juice box)!!

    2. I usually get their regular fridgerated whipping cream, and use if for various cooking uses, but have bought a couple of these boxes (which are about 30% more expensive). I've only opened one so far. It was thicker out of the box than the regular, do doubt because of the carrageenan. I'd off hand recall what I used for, but it wasn't whipping.

      I've used a bit of the carrageenan that came with my molecular gastronomy kit. I also saw it mentioned in some recipes for vegan marshmallows. It is used in much the same was a gelatin and agar agar to thicken and stabilize things.

      1. I have used it whipped as part of a dessert (a black forest brownie trifle) and thought it whipped very nicely. Maybe a bit quicker to thicken, probably due to the carageenan, but that's ok by me. It held up for the couple hours refrigeration, too. It's really nice to be able to keep some on hand. And it's a lot less "fakey" than cool-whip!

        1. I bought a container of this about a month ago and put it into the freezer to quickly chill--then promptly forgot about it when we decided we were too full for dessert.
          When I took it out the next day and thawed in the fridge, it had separated. I tried to whisk it back together, but to no avail. I tossed it because at that point, I did not know if it could be saved. Lesson learned.
          If I recall, I paid less than $2 (maybe $1.49??)

          1. Carageenan is produced from seaweek - it's a softer gelatin substitute.

            I've used the UHT whipping cream and I'm not impressed -- it's okay to use in cream sauces or gratins, but it just doesn't whip up right.

            There's nothing fake about it-- it's really cream --but I find the heat processing tends to destroy its ability to really whip up well.