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Feb 15, 2013 08:24 PM

Wing Kee All Day Cart Noodles on Chrystie

A new restaurant called Wing Kee All Day Cart Noodles has opened up, and since it has zero Yelp reviews I thought I would validate it by saying a few words here. Presumably the name imparts the sense that the restaurant serves Hong Kong style street food. In any event, this is certainly an economical place to dine, with four item, $4 lunch specials. I had a chicken cutlet noodle soup bowl with vegetables which was very reasonable at $5.50. Probably the best chicken cutlet I've ever eaten. I was intrigued by the intensiveness of the labor involved in preparing the dish. Seems like it took a few minutes for somebody in back to pre-prepare the noodles, then they gave the noodles to somebody else out front to be cooked, then they took it in back again to mix in the rest of the dish. Also, a sign outside invites you to come inside and dine, "No tips required". Wing Kee is at 95 Forsythe St.

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  1. Is it open on the evening as well?

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      Till 8, according to the menu.

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        Thanks so much for sending the menu. Any idea what the choices for the 4 dishes with soup lunch special might be?

    2. ive walked by this a few times, it does serve HK cafe style food

      it specifically advertised 車仔面 (gong zai mi / che zai mian), which are kind of like a instant noodle kind of thing

      here's a place in HK that is very famous for this type of cuisine:

      1. I've eaten at this place twice in the past two days, something keeps drawing me to it for some reason. Is it the funky smell that reminds me of my grandmother's house in Bangkok Chinatown? Or the $4.50 rice meals?

        Yesterday I had the salt and pepper pork chop on rice. Does what it says on the tin ... big tasty pork chop and a gigantic serving of rice. Today I had the beef with bitter melon over rice ... tender beef slices in a brown sauce with black bean and bitter melon, a real classic. They even threw in a cup of broth to drink with it.

        The 4 choices hot table is only open for lunch but it looked pretty good when I went on Sunday... there were at least six choices, one of which looked like whole fish in a sauce, another looked like beef with bitter melon.

        I see they also do cha chan teng style breakfast for $3-$3.50... you can get western style toast w/ eggs and ham, or spam 'n macaroni soup, or congee and chang fun or fried noodles.

        Their milk tea wasn't quite as strong as I like ... but great place for a quick meal otherwise. I've got to try the $1 "cart noodle" special sometime...