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Feb 15, 2013 07:56 PM


How do the tasting menus work? Are they set menus or do you choose the dishes? It seems that it would be a better value than going al a carte. How is the overall experience? I heard the quarters are really cramped, does that really hamper the experience?

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  1. The special tasting menus " an evening with Jesse" on the second Mondays of the month are amazing.
    There is no choice of dishes on that one, but if there is something you don't eat, the chef will substitute something.
    To the best of my recollection, it's the same story with the regular tasting menu. I think there are 3 different size tasting menus. A 5 course, a 7 and a 10. I think the 7 would be the best number of dishes.
    The last 2 visits during the week, I opted for a la carte and chose the dishes that sounded best to me. We ordered 4 dishes for two people and that was a good amount to order.
    The wine pairing , I don't think is worth it. I'd rather pick a wine a like and go with that, and follow with a glass of dessert wine.
    The only negative is the service. It seems they keep changing waitstaff. Hopefully, you will get one of the good waiters for waitresses.
    My recommendation is go the second Monday of March, if possible. Otherwise, i still think you will enjoy the food at Recette. The noise and tightness are not a major issue.

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      with the regular tasting menu you can ask for 1 or 2 dishes to be included. as well as note any dishes you'd want to avoid.

      i think the 2nd monday is the way to to go. i'm trying to make it to one of these soon.

    2. I was there last weekand had the Monday with Jesse tasting.Save your money and find someplace else. I've been everywhere for tastings, and this was the worst. I've never seen smaller portions, and there was not a dish that was even close to special.Place was cramped, and service was marginal at best.I can think of 15 other places that have more interest tasting menus.

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        I find it amazing that you had the Monday's with Jesse and hated it. The last one wasn't as good as the others that I've had but nonetheless, every Monday with Jesse I've been to have been fantastic. Not crowded or cramped at all. BTW Cameron, how could you be at Recette last weekend and have had the Monday with Jesse menu, that is Impossible. Also, the portions are larger than many places, and you get quite enough food.
        Much smaller portions are at Brooklyn Fare and WD-50, not that there is anything wrong with small portions, just saying, Recette's portion sizes are not tiny.

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          My bad, not last weekend, but last Monday. It was awful. I've been to Brooklyn Fare, Wd-50,Torrissi, Roberta's, etc, and Recette didn't even compare. I didn't even get into the service. When I asked how much the wine pairing was , she had no idea. She then told us she'd been working there 3 years. Jesse din't even come out to say hello. Those things didn't bother me. The food sucked.

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            Jesse was hanging out that night at his parents table.
            The server was new and was really bad, I hated that.
            The food at this last tasting was not anywhere as good as the previous ones I've been to. The progression of the dishes didn't make sense.
            I disagree with you on your comments about the size of the portions, the crowdedness. Bklyn Fare and WD are much smaller size portions than Recette. The wine pairing I believe is $95,, not worth it,,, so i order my own choice of wine.
            I will reiterate, there was not one bad dish on this last tasting,,, although there was not any great dishes, that I can recall. Nothing stood out as fantastic. I will go to the next one in March. Hopefully, it will be as good as November and December and January.