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Feb 15, 2013 06:58 PM

Penang, Malaysia - "Nam Yue Bao" at Aik Hoe Restaurant

Aik Hoe dim sum restaurant is one of the most popular in Penang - currently run by the owner-proprietor who's the son of the woman who founded the restaurant more than 6 decades ago. He's very hands-on - making the "baos" himself each morning.

Aik Hoe's dim sum seemed tastier than those served elsewhere in Georgetown's old quarter, but its claim-to-fame are its steamed pork-ribs, and the rich, tasty "nam yue bao": a steamed bread roll encasing a piece of fatty pork belly marinated in "nam yue" (Chinese fermented beancurd), dark soysauce, Shaoxing wine and other aromatics.

The "nam yue bao" at Aik Hoe are smaller than those elsewhere, and they are only ready to be served around 9am onwards. Other dim sum items are available from 8am.

Address details
Aik Hoe Restaurant
6 & 8, Lebuh Carnavon
10100 Georgetown
Tel:+6016-472 0971

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    1. re: klyeoh

      whats the chinese characters in nam yue? (want to know what its called in mandarin

      looks interesting, not sure ive ever had this before

    2. Nam yu, nam ru in Mandarin,nam as in south, ru as in mother's milk ( or fu ru). Sorry I don't have characters available.

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      1. re: swannee

        ohhh its marinated in fu ru

        btw you mean nan ru in mandarin 南乳

        is this actually a cantonese dish (its a dim sum place) or a creation in malaysia? its sort of rare that there is a cantonese dish that i havent had at one point or another

      2. Yep, one of the more popular dim sum places in town, But parking here is a nightmare on Friday and also in the morning because of the market on the street outside.