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Feb 15, 2013 06:47 PM

Frenchtown Environs

Going to dinner Saturday night with my 16 year old son after dropping my daughter in Frenchtown. Any recommendations in the area (Frenchtown, other river towns, Flemington etc. Lambertville OK too for a good place, but that's opposite direction from my end destination plus it's weekend after Valentines Day so might be crowded.) He likes just about anything and is eager to experiment with new places so ethnic a plus but not required. Upscale dining OK too. No need to recommend the Frenchtown Inn. Been there many times. Same with Milford Oyster House. I see the Sergentsville Inn has Kangaroo on the menu. That might fit the bill for something new and different. Any good? (Kangaroo or Sergentsville Inn). Have not been there in many years.

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  1. I would highly recommend the Sergeantsville inn. They regularly have unusual items on the menu. I have seen lion, elk and bison. I have eaten there many times , but have not had any of the more unusual choices. They have a tavern room Which is casual, and a more formal dining room.
    Tavern room offers more pub type food and usually has a couple of new and different items. The pub food is only offered in the tavern room. You can also order anything from the dining room menu there. The dining room menu also offers adventurous items. If eating in one of the dining rooms

    you are only able to order off of the dining room menu.I prefer
    the tavern room for it's more casual local feel.

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      Looks like this time around we're going to the Pittstown Inn. But with your high recommendation of Sergeantsville Inn in mind, I am going to try to get there on the next opportunity.

    2. Nothing overly unique, but Lovin' Oven has always been high on my list in that area.

      1. Another vote for the Sergeantsville Inn, as I am a regular. :-) The owner and head chef used to be co-owner at Clyde's in New Brunswick, so he generally has a few game-based specials on the menu. If you eat in the tavern you can order off their tavern menu or the dining room menu. There is always an extensive list of tavern specials too. Be warned that they don't take reservations in the tavern area, so be prepared to wait if it is a Saturday. While you wait you can chat with Dylan the bartender and the locals. I'd imagine that a 16 year old would enjoy dining in the tavern more, as the main dining areas are formal.

        For ethnic, The Bamboo House in Frenchtown is good. They do take reservations. Their sushi is decent (for the Hunterdon county area) as is their Thai, and their menu is broad enough that you could eat ethnic but not be too adventurous.

        If you want upscale, Matt's Red Rooster in Flemington is excellent. It is BYOB too. Definitely make a reservation for Matt's; they are on OpenTable if you prefer to do it online.