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Feb 15, 2013 06:00 PM

Chunks in organic milk?

I started drinking Horizon organic fat free milk and really like it but the last two cartons I've used, I found chunks leftover in the cartons after rinsing them out in the sink. They are white soft chunks, like slime balls. The milk still had a week before expiration and it smelled and tasted fine (I had already ate my bowl of cereal before rinsing the carton.) There were no chunks in my cereal, they were just in the carton. Anyone know what this is? I just contacted Horizon and haven't heard from them yet.

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  1. I'm guessing it is just the milk solids separating out. This happens with any milk that isn't homogenized and it can happen sometimes with milk that is homogenized. It is why our grandmothers (depending on our ages) always shake their milk.

    1. I haven't experienced this but I did notice organic milk cartons advise to consume within a week of opening. Not a problem for me so I haven't bothered to investigate why. As long as it smelled and tasted fine, I'd have used it.

      1. I my gosh I'm happy to find I'm not the only one. Bought the Horizon Organic 1% milk. Eating breakfast this morning drinking the milk when something went in my mouth! It was like a slime ball like you said. Expiration not for another 9 days! I spit it out and looked at it and then everything came up! Gross! I read other comments but not sure I can trust this milk anymore. A month ago I had to take a carton back to the store because when I poured the milk in my glass it was clear liquid! What's up with that. Tried to call number on carton but they are not open on the weekend. Grrrrross!