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Feb 15, 2013 05:21 PM

Quiet place for a working lunch in the St. Anthony/New Brighton/Roseville area.

Each month, my department has a so-called working lunch where we all meet at a restaurant and discuss projects in progress (in reality, all we do is gossip about our bosses :).

Anyway, it's my turn to pick a spot this month, and I am looking for something different than the normal chain-type places that we usually meet at. Because I will be be giving a small presentation, I really need a place that is quiet, but not so quiet that we would bother other patrons. Ideally, a coffee shop that serves food would be my first choice, but all of the coffee shops in this area are chains that get really busy with soccer moms (no offence to any soccer moms out there:) during the lunch hour.

Any ideas? I have to choose a place by next Friday.


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  1. It may not be the best foodie-type recommendation, but Axel's in the Roseville Radisson has a small private room off the main dining room that will probably work for your group.

    1. Can you have a beer with your working lunch? Because if so I'd consider Barley John's Brew Pub in New Brighton. Casual spot. Not too busy, but busy enough. Good food. Great beer.

      Also, NE Minneapolis isn't far from the area you mention. Many more interesting lunch options if you're willing to venture a few more minutes in that direction.